Monday, June 10, 2013

{MAKEUP Monday}

WELCOME to the very first MM! (MAKEUP Monday)


Part I

So today I'm going to do a post on my Makeup Brushes...
it's just a little post on my favorites, nothing too extensive and there's no "how to"... not yet at least! :)

To keep it short and sweet, I'm going to break up the 'Brushes'  into two separate posts-
Part I- Face Brushes & Part II- Eye Brushes

I've become OBSESSED with the brand E.L.F. cosmetics.
First I loved their pricing, because for this single Momma it's right on point for me and my bank account. I don't like to spend a lot of money in this department, since at the end of the day it goes into my wastebasket on a cleansing cloth. Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE makeup and wearing it-
 I just  have other things to really invest my money on...
like TUTU's,  Princess dresses,  dress-up heels, purses and toys for Miss Priss! ha :)

And then secondly, it's at my favorite place... Target... so it's very convenient for me to pick up.

Thirdly, their product is pretty impressive, the quality for the price is unbelievable! 
Also, they do not test their products on animals... Hello, love love love!

*DISCLAIMER- E.L.F. cosmetics has NOT paid me in any way, funds, merchandise and/or products to write this blog post. I just LOVE the products, which I truly use every day, and am just sharing my fab finds with you all, although I wish they would hook me up... just saying! :)

Some of my favorites...

{{Face Brushes}}

{Angled Foundation Brush}


I absolutely LOVE this brush, but sadly I've abandoned it whenever I got my beauty blender.
 (post to come on that- soon!)

I Use It For: applying my foundation, I first place my foundation on my hand and then dip the brush into that & then apply onto my face- working inward out, blending the foundation using long paint like strokes.

I LOVE: how well this little brush makes my foundation go on and how I feel like an "artist" while doing so!

I did a post and review on this little brush whenever I first got it, here!

{Powder Brush}


This is probably my FAVORITE and most used brush, out of my small collection.
I Use It For: HD powder and also for my bronzer.
I LOVE: how easy it is to use, and the bristles on the brush are very firm, yet still loose enough to get just that desired lightly brushed on look!

{Stipple Brush}


I Use It For: applying my blush & sometimes bronzer too, but mostly just my blush!
I LOVE: that it's an easy-breezy way to put my blush on, that makes me feel like a PRO!

{Complexion Brush}


My second favorite brush!
I Use It: at the end of applying all of my makeup, with my HD powder- 
just to make sure I've set my foundation.
I LOVE: the size and feel of this brush, it's not too big nor too small but just right!
And it brushes away any flaws that I missed while applying (fallen eye shadows, etc.), and helps give my skin that soft finished look!

{Kabuki Face Brush}

I actually got mine for less than this, because I found it on sale and it also came with bronzer.
I don't really use this one as much, I'm not good with brushes that have a shorter handle-stick, but it's still a really good brush.
When used, I Use It: after applying on my foundation, just to make sure it's really set and to make sure I got all the hard places- forehead/hairline area.
I LOVE: it gets the job done!

So there's my little list of favorites!

Have a marvelous MAKEUP Monday!


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