Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Tropical Storm, Tornado Warning, & TOES...

say what?! 

Today, we are stuck inside the house due to a tropical storm, and we are also under a tornado watch until 10 PM tonight...  LOVELY! I know, fun fun fun stuff here in FL!

So what to do when stuck inside you ask? 
Well me and Miss Priss are going to have a MOVIE Day and paint our nails too, 
a few of our favorite things we do weekly actually! ha

Can you guess our favorite color, from the picture above? HA

Prissy Pants chose her new OPI, "If You Moust You Moust" (pink color) from the Vintage Minnie Mini's collection... they are really "mini' and PERFECT for her, love love love!

and then this happened....

(Now, I know I usually do the whole matchy-matchy thing on purpose with us- but this one was not on purpose, I promise!)

But, I did learn that the 'Sinful Colors' in the shade 'Pink Forever', is a perfect (& less expensive) version of OPI's "If You Moust You Moust" shade! 

I know, in the title I put "TOES" too, and we did paint our toes...
but I did not get to get a picture of Miss Priss' perfectly pink toes before she ruined them
 & removed the polish from them!

OH & then this happened too...

Tornado Watch Party in Miss Priss' bed, 
where apparently all stuffed animals and dolls were welcomed! :)

Oh, I LOVE her!

Happy Thursday!


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