Friday, March 30, 2012

the FINAL countdown...

has begun for our "Girls Trip" to DISNEY
with my Mom, my sister & her mini's and myself and Miss Prissy Pants!

(official countdown ticker has been added up above- it's not centered, I know) :)

I'm SO in LOVE with this picture & am hoping we can recreate this on our trip!




are you an INFLUENSTER?

not sure if you are or aren't? Or not sure if you know exactly what that is?!
if you like trying new products and are always up on the new trends, & share your fab finds with family & friends then you are in fact an "influenster"!

And good news, there's this site that is especially designed for us influensters...

where you register and unlock these little "badges", which is a questionaire/survey!
(think Girl Scouts)
There's many badges to pick from, some won't be a good match- like for me, the "outdoorsy" badge just isn't the best one for me! ha :)

the more badges you collect, the better chance you have at obtaining a spot to get a "VoxBox" sent to you!
-VoxBox: a box full of products for you to try out and rate.
(they do themes for them)

and the best part, it's all FREE! :)

I got an email notification letting me know that I had been chosen for their
 "LOVE VoxBox" and weeks later, I received it!
I must admit, I was like a little kid on Christmas morning when mine arrived!

I'll be posting about my experience with my first VB later!
(along with my feedback of all the products!)


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

nail LOVE

recently, as an "Influenster", I received my first "VoxBox"
the 'LOVE VoxBox'

and I got to try a product for nails... art for your nails!

"Kiss"  'Nail Dress'

I got the leopard print design, as you can see above!
My little Prissy Pants wanted to have her nails be "dressed" too, so I did hers as well!
and they were adorable! :)

NOW, for the good stuff....

my review of the product:

I saved this product for last, although I was excited to try it, I was also a bit nervous it would be hard or that I would mess it up- BUT no fear, it is VERY VERY easy!
I honestly LOVED them,
my only complaint that I have is the actual strips do have a very strong smell-
like nail polish does- but it doesn't last long-
so all in all it's no different than when painting your nails really!
 but other than that I LOVED this product
 I'll definitely purchase more and experiment with their other styles!
 (& Miss Priss too!)


OH and they do last A LOT longer than nail polish-
whenever you do decide to remove them, they peel right off!
(just make sure you do file & buff your nails
before applying regular nail polish after using these strips!)

I left mine on for a little over 2 weeks... they say they last up to 10 days- but mine were still going strong after 2+ weeks, & I chose to finally take them off- only because I finally found my favorite polish and color in the store on Saturday!

here's a picture well into the second week:
(still perfectly intact)

SO to sum it up...

PRO's: easy to apply and NO having to wait for them to dry (a  plus for Mommy's),
lasts longer than nail polish, satisfaction of being a nail designer without actually having to do anything! :)
*they also provide a cute little pink nail filer-
to make sure you get the best application of the strips to your nails!

CON's:  strong smell after opening- so take strips out of the package before you intend to apply them to your nails!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

just call me Martha Stewart

Miss Martha Stewart, if you're PC!

Me & Miss Priss made Gaga birthday presents this year...
 Miss Priss' is SO much better than mine,
because it's very personal
something that Gaga can keep forever!

And mine is just a frou-frou night-time necessity!
(or, at least, I think it is)

{pretties for Gaga}

{Miss Priss gift- her handprints "My Hands" with a little poem}
{My gift- a frou-frou sleeping mask with some bling, bows, sequins, & a feather}

along with a "Girls Day" with Gaga, complete with a stop to our favorite coffee shop
(STARBUCKS) and whatever else Gaga fancies!

(post with pictures to follow)


{Happy Birthday}

to my Momma and to Miss Priss' Gaga!

We are SO very very blessed to have you in our lives!
We LOVE you more than words could every say!

                                           {Happy Birthday GAGA}

{Happy Birthday Gaga, Love- Miss Priss}

(I've done this every year for Nonna Gaga on her birthday)

& a few more...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Friday Night MOVIE Night

with PIZZA!

Me and my Prissy Pants had one of our infamous Movie & Pizza nights tonight!
(with matching plates)

Miss Priss just LOVES that she gets to play with her food! :)
(making her little pizzas)

We watched Disney's "The Princess & The Frog"

and then once Prissy Pants went to bed,
 I poured myself a glass of wine & it was TWILIGHT time!

my idea of a perfect Saturday night!

HOPE everyone had their ideal of perfection tonight too!



Looky Looky what I received in the mail today from my mini's...

they know exactly what "Auntie Weesha" LOVES, and NEEDED!
(THANKS Auntie JennJenn!)  :)

and the best part, I got upgraded!
I didn't have the '2-disc special edition' before... so YAY!
I can't wait to watch the extended scenes and the documentary!

I know, I know, I'm a NERD!

a SHOPPING Saturday, with a little DANCING & FIREFIGHTERS too!

say what?

Yes, shopping, dancing, & firefighters... oh my!
Now, I know you are thinking where exactly did I take my toddler shopping... HA ...
but just read my little long story below and it'll all make sense- promise! :)

Today me and Miss Priss had to make a much-needed shopping trip to Tarjaay!
(oh darn, right?) :)

Although, it was strictly for things we needed... milk, diapers, wipes...etc.
plus maybe a few things we didn't need too...
... maybe... perhaps?!

although this little Disney Princess book and pen was a MUST-have and needed!
(since Friday, she got A LOT of signatures, which filled up her book!)

I just LOVE Target!
both of these items were on their "dollar aisles"...
and if you've ever been to Disney or even a Disney store, the pen alone would have been at least $8-$10 and the little book $10-$12 ... SO I think it was a great deal!
(see how I can rationalize shopping & spending? it's a gift, I know!)  :)

I'll be keeping them out of Miss Priss' little hands, and in the wrappers, because she likes to uhhm, well... mess things up...
we are just at that stage, & what a joyful stage it is! HA
I can't tell you how nice it is to see scribbles in my planner, daily calendar, notes, etc!
Maybe I just have a future little artist?!

Okay back to the story...
Still feeling all sore & achy from yesterday's Epcot trip...
 (post & pictures coming soon)
I couldn't manage to get into real clothes, so I committed a fashion faux pas...
I went in my sweat-suit... BUT  I did pair it with some HIGH heel wedges!
(so I feel, that helped and excused it, plus it was a Saturday too!)

which are gold and matched my sparkly glittery-gold shirt underneath my jacket...
which went perfectly with my gold and brown leopard nails,
which are somehow still perfectly intact!?

So in a way, I looked very well put-together, but just wasn't feeling it!

OH and the best part, I had Miss Priss in a sort-of matching outfit but with an added POP of color with her hot pink & sparkles of gold TUTU
along with her gold sparkly shoes!

Miss Priss' & Mommy's

(Sorry, this is like my 43298042 picture like this of our shoes, but I just LOVE them!)

SO on our way to Tarjaay, BritBrit comes on {Till the World Ends}
and we get stopped at a red-light.

I'm dancing away, and turning back and watching my mini me dance and copy me with my LOVELY car-dancing skills... which inlcude a lot of head-boppin'...
 when I turn back around to check on the light,
I also happen to notice a male-driver in the next lane,
who has been watching mine and Prissy's "performance"!

I'm sure my face turned BRIGHT RED, I was mortified!
But he must have liked it, because we both got two thumbs up!
Thankfully he was in the turning lane,
 which was the the light that turned first before ours,
 thankfully I was wearing my new BIG sunglasses too!

sidenote: I now LOVE "Wonka" sunglasses!

SO embarassing, but what can I say, I LOVE me some BritBrit!
AND so does my mini me! :)

A few more red lights (with no more performances) and we arrived at Target!

Which was a successful shopping trip, I finally used a coupon,
& received 5 more coupns that I'll most likely be using- WooHoo!
And not to mention, I saved on a few items too, & picked up another one of their pizza's because they had texted me a coupon for it ($1 off)
I must say, I felt pretty high-tech at the check out pulling it up on my phone
& having her scan it off of it! I'm usually a not so tech-savy-kind of girl,
so this made me feel a little bit more tech-savy and hip! HA :)

sidenote: Why is it whenever it's a small shopping spree they give you more coupons, & when you buy just about everything in the store you only get a couple coupons?!
(has anyone else noticed this too?)

                                     Just call me Miss Coupon Queen! HA

On our way back home, at the same intersection light where our performance happened, I noticed a fire truck on the side of the road, and then saw firefighters...
they were out collecting money... I start looking for any money... I hardly ever have actual cash on me these days, I'm strictly a debit-card girl-
SO, of course, I come up with nada... just change... but hey, change is better than nothing and every penny helps, right? Well I hope so, because I literally gave the firefighter 4 pennies and a dime... pathetic, I know- but any change I ever have I give to Miss Priss for her piggy banks (she LOVES "feeding" her piggies)

I VOW, to donate more in the future, promise firefighters!

But the very nice, and very cute too, firefighter smiled and still gave me a sticker! :)

HOPE everyone's Saturday was a blessed one,
with no embarrassment! :)
(or if it was, feel free to share!)



MIA ... no wait... MIB!
(Missing in BLOGGING)

SORRY for being disappearing, yet again!

Sometimes it's hard to blog, and other times I just simply forget to!
(I blame it on my 'Mommy Brain' syndrome!)


here's a few things that my Prissy Pants & I have been up to lately...

{life lately, according to my iphone pictures...}

{Prissy Pants having a Picnic}

                                                           {tea time}


I'm SO obessed & in LOVE with this tea!
(Lemon Ginger by Stash tea)

{sleeping while shopping}
(in a shopping cart)

{watching A LOT of 'The Cat in the Hat'}
(& when I say A LOT, I mean it's on SO much it's basically on REPEAT)

{making messes...}

{vacay wardrobe}
{selecting & styling pieces for upcoming vacay!)

{having a 'Mommy Moment'}
(this is what being sleep-deprived can do to you)

{pinning on Pinterest}
(it's an obsession, can you tell?!)

{bear love}

{pizza night}

{ice cream love}


{putting my "Mommy's Sippy Cup" to use!}

{carbs & wine}

{a nutella-filled breakfast}

(sometimes girls just need chocolate, even in the AM!)  :)

{robe love}

(Prissy Pants received this 'Disney Princess' robe from her Auntie JennJenn-
and she was OBSESSED & in LOVE
and wanted to put it on right away and wore it for a good 30-45 minutes) 
She looked like a little girly boxer! ha

{cookie love}

Miss Priss, in nothing but her Princess PullUps
 covered in chocolate from the chocolate chip cookies we made!

{selecting a movie in STYLE}

Miss Priss rockin' a bow, a pajama top (with no pants) and my lil LV purse!
Just another picture of proof she's my mini me! :)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

a Twilight tragedy...

Miss Priss LOVES to get into the DVD's...

exibit A:

well anyways,
Tonight, she got into mine... and tried getting one particular movie out...

I'm a bit OBSESSED with Twilight
it's my favorite out of the series!

SO of course, she would choose this one...
and this is what happened...

I was almost in tears when I turned the broken pieces over and saw!

ohh well at least it wasn't my Breakfast at Tiffany's
(I have two copies, & one in particular is very very special)

Looks like I will no longer be alternating between it and BAT to fall alseep at night!

so so sad!

now I need to rebuy it and BDpart1!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


National WOMEN'S Day!


don't forget to ROCKtheLIPS!

YES we do, and we are Oh So FABULOUS too!

CHEERS to us!

If I had red lipstick, it'd most likely end up on my
 "Mommy's Sippy Cup" glass later tonight! :)

I'm ROCKIN' the Lips- just not in red! SORRY!
But next year I'll be sure to be prepared!

until then... XoXo


will just be a Mommy & Miss Priss one tonight...

we'll be doing her favorite, dinner & a MOVIE!

she LOVES doing this, she's SO my mini me for sure!

especially whenever she picks out 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'
(which makes me SO proud, I must admit!)
I kid you not, she has done this now a handful of times, and actually watches it.
(not always the entire movie though)
It must be from me playing "Moon River" to her while she was in my belly! :)
(yes, I did that, and some GaGa, Bon Jovi, & Van Halen too)

HOPE everyone has a good Thursday and night!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{{WINES-day Wednesday}} (Housewives Style)

so recently I discovered that two "Real Housewives" started a
{wines picked for you and deliverd to you monthly}
I was SO ecstatic,  I mean seriously, how GENIUS...
because what's NOT to love with this concept?!
 BUT then my excitement turned sour when I found out which two...
from the "Real Housewives of O.C."
Tamra & Vicki
 'Wines by Wives'
which is a really cute name, & I still LOVE the concept....
 but I think I'll stick to picking out my own wine Thanks!

I feel I  can't personally support it, because I just don't like those ladies-
I do like and have to mention that they do give 10% back to a charity of your choice-
well your choice of either Vicki's or Tamra's personal favorite charities- 
 Vicki supports the Women's Shelter (in Long Beach)
 Tamra supports the  Breast Cancer Foundation

HOWEVER, if you happen to be a fan of theirs... here's their link ... they are doing a contest for an "exclusive" night out with one of them... not sure why not both of them?!

but anyways here's the link...

HAPPY WINES-day Wednesday!

I won't be "celebrating" WW tonight, but tomorrow night Gaga & I will be with our infamous 'Girls Night In' with Prissy Pants- no wine for her of  course! :)

I'll try and take at least a few pictures,
because I'm usually horrible at remembering to do that on our "Girls Nights"!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012



Happy 100th Birthday

to mine & Prissy Pants FAVORITE little chocolate cookie!

We will be "celebrating" with raising our milk glasses to you, Oreo, later! :)

How do you like to eat your Oreo's?

Miss Priss likes to "Twist & Lick"- skipping the "dunking" part!

and I just like to dunk them into milk!

and a new favorite way...
'Oreo Truffle Balls'

if you've never tried this, you must!
(recipe here)

I made these for a friends Baby Shower- it was a "Jungle" theme, so they looked like little dirt balls (I opted for dark chocolate, instead of white chocolate),
which was perfect, & they were a BIG hit- with no leftovers!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Moon Day

Monday (Listeni/ˈmʌnd/ or /ˈmʌndi/) is the day of the week between Sunday and Tuesday. According to international standard ISO 8601 it is the first day of the work week. According to the Islamic and Hebrew calendars, Sunday is the first day of the week. The name of Monday is derived from Old English Mōnandæg and Middle English Monenday, which means "moon day".

Me & my Prissy Pants are having a casual "Moon Day"...
no work for her, other than continuing to try and use her potty!
and Mommy will be doing a bit of laundry... SO SO glam, right? ha

Ohh and I'm sure I'll also be cleaning up about 43829749582309 messes too! :)
(along with all the other Mommy things)

HOPE everyone has a FAB & GLAM Moon Day!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


we had a SHOPPING Saturday...
which was VERY successful, because of two great finds!

Did not really find what we went shopping for...
things for our upcoming vacay- will post about soon!
BUT the things we did find made it worth it!

first up...
found this cute little (it's actually not little) piece and instantly fell in LOVE with it!
(and so did Miss Priss)

this will be used to hold her growing collection of "Dress Up" things...
dresses, princess dresses, purses, shoes, tutu's...

and it matches the "theme" I did for her closet...
yes, her closet does have a theme... which is HOT PINK, & ZEBRA PRINT

and the second item...
I'm pretty obsessed and LOVE anything with SPARKLE, just look at my Pinterest!

SO I've been in LOVE with the boots that have sequins... but just not in love with the price attached to them- so I was beyond ecstatic when we were about to leave and I saw these...

               as I went to check the price tag- they had been marked down
                                                     .... A LOT...

Yes, that's right girls, I got them for ONE DOLLAR!!!

Now they are a bit messed up, but nothing a bit of sewing can't fix...
you can't really see in the picture... but nothing major!

I was SO in LOVE & SO HAPPY,
that I never even bothered to check the size
and it wasn't until we were at the register and Gaga asked about it...

they are a size NINE... I wear a size SIX! haha :)

I don't care b/c I still LOVE them and they aren't too big on...
and they are OH SO comfy... they are lined with black soft fur on the inside!
SO even if I never wear them out, they make glam slipper boots at home! :)

I also got (not pictured) a grey with metalic silver see-through shirt- that is PERFECT as a cover-up top or cute with a pair of leggings... for... wait for it...
TWO dollars!  My Mom called me crazy for getting it- b/c it wasn't in the best shape, but I think it's perfection and adorable!
I'll have to take a picture of it now, so I can rest my case on it! :)

also not pictured that was purchased on that same shopping trip-
the movie "Maid in Manhatten" for $3!

and  a silver and blue sequin clutch... I'll try and take pictures later!

OH and a pair of sunglasses too- that I LOVED in the store, but since then, at home, am a bit afraid I look too much like "Mr. Wonka" in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" the remake...

except I opted for black! ha

Oh well, at least the sun will be out of my eyes! :)

Until then, Happy Shopping! :)