Miss Priss ❥


often referred to as:
Miss Priss, Prissy Pants, Miss Prissy Pants,
 Twinkle Toes, Stinker Potter Poo (don't ask- ha)

Miss Priss is four going on fourteen, she truly is my "mini me"-
she's a tutu advocate, wearer of BIG Bows,  lover of ballet, walking in my heels (almost as good or better as I can), iPhone guru (not even kidding- she can work that thing better than I- it's a bit embarrassing) & loves all things girly,  yet can still watch football or baseball and play in the dirt...
in a tutu and her sequin boots of course! :)

She's the VERY best part of me and I'm SO thankful God chose me for her to call "Momma", even on the days she makes me want to pull my hair out!

She has also been known to blog from time to time, so stay tuned for those!

favorite book-  "I'm Going to be the Best Princess Ever"
favorite show- Max & Ruby (currently, but it changes constantly)
favorite movie- Barbie- The Twelve Dancing Princesses (currently)
favorite snack- Goldfish, although almonds are a close second
favorite doll- Miss Eloise

*saying prayers, or well repeating prayers, her favorite part is saying "Amen" at the end
*CHOCOLATE, she truly is mine and is a fellow Chocoholic like her Momma
*Friday Night Movie Nights with Pizza
*Pizza (with NO "red sauce")
*Purses (she currently has a trunk-filled amount, no lie)
*Shoes... Mommy's heels preferably
*GOLDFISH (the snack- it's practically a food group in her world)
*SHOPPING with Mommy
*Spa Days
*going to Target, or "Taaaaarget"as she calls it
*French Fries
*Twirling and Dancing Away
*Making Messes- ha! :)
*Doggies (stuffed ones, at this point)
*STARBUCKS- GDCCF  (a grande double chocolaty chip frapp)
*MILK, the girl is a milkoholic!
*Disney Princesses - she LOVES them all... Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Tiana, Snow White, & Aurora
*Going to DISNEY to meet them- her favorite part, besides the carousal!