Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mr. Prince Charming... ❤❤❤

So I was on Disney's website looking for Ariel things for Prissy Pants 
(she's OBSESSED with her, & we can not wait until October for the release of her movie!)
and I came across Prince Charming FOR SALE ladies!
AND on SALE too!

I finally found him ya'll!
(who cares if I had to buy him)
Apparently love does cost a thing! ha I kid, I kid!
I didn't really buy him, not yet at least! :)

from $20 to $6 ... not a bad deal! 
Although I'm sure the Castle is sold separately! :(
(& probably those glass slippers too)

Okay and now onto another "Prince Charming" find, I came across this one on "Polyvore"- I'm quite OBSESSED with it again, but anyways I found this adorable little Betsey Johnson ring, I absolutely LOVE everything of hers- she can do no wrong in my eyes!

{Betsey Johnson Walk In The Park Frog Stretch Ring}

I'm on the hunt for this! 
Now whenever people ask (or try to set me up) if I'm dating anyone, 
I can tell them I've happy with my "Prince Charming"! HA

He's pretty cute, no? LOVE his little bow tie too!
I really DISLIKE frogs, well real frogs, but this little one I'm absolutely in LOVE with!
Good job BJ!

Hope everyone is having a CHARMING Saturday!


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