Monday, October 31, 2011


May everyone get TREATS 

 with LOVE,

Friday, October 7, 2011

a POTTY Update

okay, okay, okay

I know that I said no more potty posts, or well that I would limit them, and I have!
BUT we do have an UPDATE!

I really put the whole potty thing aside, but last night before Prissy pants went to bed, I asked her if she had to potty, we went in her bathroom and I sat her down on her potty...
and she DID IT!!!

I was SO proud!

and then this morning, I did the same thing, and once again- she DID IT!

SO I put rhinestones, yes rhinestones, onto her Potty Chart!

{{there's only 1 rhinestone each for Thursday under each spot,
b/c we started before she went to bed last night- I wasn't really expecting her to go}}

My little girl is becoming such a big girl!
it's oh so bittersweet! 

I can't help but to think of the Pull Up commercial song,
"Mommy WOW, I'm a big kid now!"

with LOVE,

a much needed "Mommy Juice" night

so yesterday I shared that we were going to have a Girls Night with Nonna...
it wasn't really our typical "Girls Night", but there was a few glasses of "Mommy Juice"!

and before putting Miss Prissy pants to bed, 
I decided to take a shot at the whole Potty thing, 
which I am SO glad that I did... read the Potty Post {{Potty Update}}! :)

anyways back to the "Mommy Juice"...

{{mine & my Mom's glasses}}

(please note that apparently all the normal size wine glasses were in the dishwasher, 
therefore Nonna's tiny glass makes mine look like a GIANT glass)

I don't know if it's because now that I'm a Mommy that I can no longer finish a glass  
or if it's because I'm old OR maybe it's both?!
Either or, or both, it's a pretty sad thing- 
Ohh well, that just means MORE wine for PIZZA night tonight!
{{I choose to see the glass half full, which in my case it is, or was}}

CHEERS to the weekend!

with LOVE,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Prissy pants ♥

this post is ALL about my little Prissy pants!


On our way back home from North Carolina, 
Prissy was playing "peek a boo", and I was saying "BOO" every time she would lower her blanket from her face, and then she just said BOO too!

perfect timing with Halloween coming up!

I asked her if she had, sorry there is no cute or nice way to say this,
"poo'ed" and she did her little routine of pointing down to her diaper and making a face, BUT this time she  repeated me and said "yucky"- which I think she picked up from her cousin during our NC trip!

I feel like we are on the edge of many more words to come!
(or at least I HOPE we are!)

Other than saying more than "baby talk" she is still a LOVER of...


*Watching MOVIES

*Goldfish (the snack)

*Being a TOTAL PRISS and walking around in heels
(YES, heels! I'm a proud Momma) and carrying purses
*Giving "LOVE" and Kisses (and saying "Mum" when she does)


*Getting into JEWELRY and wearing it!

*Putting $$ into her piggy banks!
*Chasing Angel around the house


*Going on walks with Mommy

*Getting into EVERYTHING (especially Mommy's PURSE and wallet)


*having Girls Days and DIVA (spa) Days


*Making MESSES
 {{her bath necessities- bath rose petals}}

 {{Steak N' Shakes Happy Hour!}}



*Happy Meals!

*Being outside, having Pool Days!

*Going to Starbucks and getting her "coffee drink" like Mommy!
 {{which is just a "Double Chocolaty Chip Frapp"}}

*Especially her little Doggie "Prissy"

*Hello Kitty

*Her baby dolls


I feel my little Prissy pants is becoming such a little girl, 
and while it's bittersweet, I'm loving every minute of it
(well maybe not the minutes where we have meltdowns!) :)

Uhh OH!

Just whenever I wanted to start being a better blogger,
I get this...

which reads...

Content Encoding Error

the page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.

Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

This is SO my luck!
Yeah, let me just call up the owners of Blogger!

Thankfully, after a lot of persistence, I got it working again!
(obviously!) :)

with LOVE,

let's play


SORRY for, once again, being MIB
{{missing in BLOGGING}}

Me & Miss Prissy pants have been busy busy girls!

(and too, I'm still trying to figure out how to upload pics from my phone to the blog- 
without emailing them all to myself!)

SO it's been over 2 weeks since I've blogged
and here's what we've been up to...

*a lot of growing (will do a special post on that in a bit)  :)

*made 2 special visits to NC to see Auntie Jenn Jenn and the MINI's and the newest little MINI!
(will do a post with LOTS and LOTS of pictures!)

we feel NC is our second home now! 
we'll be back there for THANKSGIVING! 

*being CINDERELLA (me, not Miss Priss- she's more like the messer-upper- Thank GOD she's so cute)

*I've put the whole "potty training" on hold for a bit- while I've introduced the potty to her, she is still too young to really understand it fully, and until we master the words "poo" and "pee" I feel we won't be making any progress, no matter how many books I buy!
I always try to blog and capture our lives, especially the special and sweet moments, but I'm still trying to balance it all and find the time to actually sit down and blog about it all while living this thing called LIFE! 

Pretty sure I already have my New Years Resolution picked for this year!
Be Organized and Find Balance!

anyways, I'm determined to be a better blogger!


ohh and...
HAPPY Thursday!

and speaking typing of it being Thursday...
tonight will be GIRLS Night- woo hoo!

and I'll try to take pictures and do a little post on it tomorrow,
or even perhaps tonight after Prissy pants is in bed!

with LOVE,