About Moi

the girl behind HH's & HB's...

Hello, I'm Alisha, and I'm Starbucks'oholic... oh wait wrong thing :)

 Mommy to "Miss Priss", heels & bows advocate, Target & Starbucks addict, I absolutely adore Audrey Hepburn, & am a lover of all all things sparkly!  

 I starting blogging so I could keep a record of mine and my mini me's lives as a scrapbook, but not everything on HH's&HB's is about our lives... there are posts about fashion/style, fun finds, my obsessions with Target and Starbucks (I'm obsessed no lie, they truly are my "happy place", as Tiffany's was to Miss Golightly) - BAT (Breakfast At Tiffany's) reference,
if you're new to HH's&HB's you'll quickly see that I use this "BAT" reference a lot!

So grab yourself a glass of wine and follow along with us!



*My Mini Me, Miss Priss
*Big Bows
*The Color PINK
*College Football (Go GATORS!)
*Old Movies & Girly Movies
*Mexican food
*Spa Days with my Prissy Pants
*Taking Pictures 
*Sweet Tea
*Breakfast at Tiffany's (the movie)
*Cherry Coke
*SHOES, preferably heels
*Movie Nights
*Audrey Hepburn
*Chocolate Chip pancakes
*Red Velvet, anything (cake, cupcakes, ice cream....)