Monday, June 10, 2013

{The Bloggin' Mommy Pledge} ❤

To all my fellow Momma's out there who are also bloggers...
This ONE is for you, and me too!

I will make every effort to put God and my family before blogging.
(Definitely do! As you can tell, my blog gets abandoned  from time to time)

I will seek to create an intriguing title for each post.
(Ha, I SO totally fail at this one)

I will attempt to make each post practical, relevant, and helpful-remembering who my audience is.
(hmmm, I'll start attempting, I promise!) 

Whenever possible, I will include scripture.
(Every Sunday, WooHoo, I got another one!)

I will seek to invoke some kind of emotion in my writing.

I will try to create posts that will keep my readers coming back for more.
(I will try my hardest y'all!)

I will try to use links whenever possible without becoming “link – happy”

I PLEDGE this myself fellow Mommy Bloggers, 
as you can tell I clearly need to vow (& do) most of these!

Happy Monday!


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