Monday, June 17, 2013

{MAKEUP Monday}

It's just another Manic MAKEUP Monday!


Part II

Following from last week's post,
 I'm  now, moving on to Eye Brushes, and I'll still be showing you my favorites from the line of "E.L.F."- just because they are my favorite and the only ones I truly use right now.

And, again....

 E.L.F. cosmetics has NOT paid me in any way, funds, merchandize and or products to write this blog post. I just LOVE the products, which I truly use every day,
& am just sharing my fab finds with you all!

My Favorites...

Eyeshadow "C" Brush


I Use It For: Creating my favorite look- the Smokey Eye!

I LOVE: That the brush does all the work and I get to take credit for it! :)

I absolutely LOVE using this brush to create the "smokey eye", & it works every time!

To create the smokey eye, apply the brush tip on the outward corner of the eye by pressing the color in a C shape from the lash line up, flip the C on the right eye so it creates an outward curve. Blend color inward for definition.

Blending Eye Brush


My second favorite brush to use!

I Use It For: Blending two or more eyeshadows,  & to soften dramatic edges and fine lines.
(it really helps create that natural soft look)

I LOVE: That this little brush is a multi-tasker!
Yes, it's true! It also doubles as a setter for powder &/or liquid concealer too!

Contour Brush


I Use It For:  Whenever I want a very high intensity color.

**This little brush, due to the dome bristles, picks up a lot of color!

I LOVE: How soft and absorbent this little brush is! And it can be used with both dry & wet products!

Defining Eye Brush


I Use It For: Added depth & definition!

I LOVE: How this is a Two-In-One brush!
Use the flat side for your base color and the angled tip use to create a crease contour!

*The angled bristles are shaped and designed to contour the crease of the eyelid or the area right underneath your brow bone for added color (or highlight color)!

And lastly...

Angled Eyeliner Brush


I Use It For: Applying my eyeliner!

I LOVE: The thin pointed brush tip,
which helps me to create a perfect placement of liner right up to my lash line!

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday lovelies!


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