Friday, June 14, 2013

Snacks, Shopping, Supper & ICE CREAM too! ❤

the above title pretty much explains our Friday!

a quick and late 'Snack Time' for Miss Priss before our shopping trip.

making her list, while Mommy was getting ready.

which consisted of: "cookies, candy, ponies, and more Lalaloopsy dolls"
and then, she added to "check" after each as she was telling me!
LOVE LOVE LOVE her! ❤   

And I had to take pictures of her outfit...
She chose her little Tutu Dress, yes it might have been up in the 90's but she was wearing it regardless... choose your battles wisely, right Momma's?

She LOVED that she was dressed like Eloise, so of course, Miss Eloise had to come with us too!
Total girls day!

I decided to wear my matching necklace with her too!

"Miss Priss" bloomers, BEST part of her outfit! :)

Had to snap this shot of her on our way to go shopping... 

these are her "Miss Hollywood" shades!

and I LOVE all the elements captured in this shot, because they all describe her perfectly...
Big Shades, Bow, Pink Mani, and rockin' a Band-aid!

We opted to eat out for dinner....

I had to take a picture of my GINORMOUS burger...
1.) because that was my "Photo-A-Day" topic- dinner
and 2.) because I was in total AWE of it's size!

this thing took SEVEN napkins in the end!

Miss Priss stuck with her favorites, FRIES and chicken tenders!

After that we did a Sweet Treat...


Eloise must have been dieting, (kind of like what I am supposed to be doing too), 
because she just sat back and let us enjoy our treats!

Miss Priss got the S'mores Blizzard and I chose to go with the classic Oreo! 

All in all it was a sweet and fabulous Friday with my mini me!

I absolutely adore days like these with her!

HAPPY Friday darlings!


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