Monday, August 12, 2013


I did it AGAIN!

(a little BritBrit for your Monday) :)

I am seriously the Worlds WORST Blogger!

I promise, at some point,  I will get the hang of this blogging daily (ahh who am I kidding)
weekly and stick with it! Until then... check back every few months! ha (kidding!)

Okay blogette's (and Mr. Bloggies, just in case, if there is any)
I VOW to update HHs&HBs tonight when I can and hopefully tomorrow too,
 to catch it up on what me and my mini have been up to!

And once it's all updated, I'll start trying to act like a real blogger
 and blog new things... weekly too!

Hope it's been a fabulous Monday and continues to be a fab Monday night too!

And if not, tomorrow is Tuesday... a NEW day! :)


Sunday, August 11, 2013

{Sunday Scripture} ♥

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding"

{Proverbs 3:5}


Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Yes, it's true, I've returned!

I took a small little vacay away from blogging, but I'm BACK!

And I have A LOT to blog about, to catch HH's&HB's up!
So I'm a bit thankful that today is ,yet again, another yucky weather day, 
and will take advantage of it to type away as the rain pours down!

I seriously do not remember moving to Seattle, but apparently we have!
No lie, it has rained EVERY DAY, with the exception of maybe two days, for the summer!

I'm hoping the saying is true to hurricane season, the more wet it is the less storms (hurricanes) you'll have, IF this is true we shall have no worries for this hurricane season!

Okay, off blogging away I must go!

Happy Tuesday!


Monday, July 22, 2013


I know today is supposed to be "MAKEUP Monday",
but there will be no MM feature today, but there will be one for next Monday!

For those of you who don't know me or haven't been following HH's&HB's for too long,
 today is a rough and very sad day for me, so I'm taking a day off from blogging.

Four years ago today my world came crashing down, whenever I lost my best friend & my love.

So I'm taking today to do little things to remember him, our memories together, 
 & really try to celebrate his life.

There will be lots of listening to Van Halen (his favorite), watching Breakfast At Tiffany's (our favorite)  & mostly just trying to remember how blessed I was to have had in my life, even if it wasn't for very long and truly celebrate him and who he was...
which is easier said than done, since I fail miserably at this each year.
Every year I try to be strong,
but unlike the infamous quote all wounds do not heal with time.



Saturday, July 20, 2013

relax... ♥

Me and Miss Priss have a had a not so glam week, both being Sicky Icky's...
but we are both feeling oh so better today, 
so we are going to have a very relaxing & glam day...

First up, we're going to continue watching some of Audrey's classics...
Prissy Pants picked "Roman Holiday" to watch...

(I think she's the only toddler who truly loves and will watch Audrey... such a proud Mommy Moment!)

 *Comfy Slipper Boots are a MUST for relaxing! :)

And for our glam, we need to do our nails, since we've neglected them during our colds!

Happy Saturday loves, hoping yours is as relaxing as ours!


Miss Boo-Boo Queen & ...

Band-aid Queen too!

It's a good thing they make such cute band-aid's now! :)


NO More Sicky Icky...

for Miss Prissy Pants!

I think she's starting to feel a bit better! :)

Happy Saturday non-Sicky Icky's!


Friday, July 19, 2013

Mommy Time...

having a Mommy Movie Night, with an Audrey Movie-A-Thon!

I had to endure A LOT of Barbie movies earlier, and now that Prissy Pants is asleep, it's now Mommy's turn, and I chose to watch Audrey in some of her classics!

Have a FABULOUS Friday Night Daaaaarlings! 


{Friday Favorites} ❤

HAPPY Friday!


Sicky Icky's

SORRY for being MIA,
but I'm currently typing this post from bed, sick with a stubborn allergy cold that just won't go away.
It has now spread to my mini, who has caught it now too!
SO we are both having a MOVIE day in bed with lots of juice and SOUP!

HAPPY Friday to US! 
(coded with sarcasm) 

 I wasn't kidding when I said with lots of juice....

we are definitely staying hydrated!

I let Prissy Pants choose what movies, and she chose BARBIE, 
so we are literally having an all Barbie Movies Marathon...

And we are watching them in style, of course, in our comfy cozy slipper boots...

a necessity for sicky's!

AND we are having A LOT of soup too...

Hers is much cuter than mine, fit for a Princess! :)

Hope everyone is having a much better Friday than us!


{Friday Favorites} ♥

Happy Friday!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

{Wordless Wednesday} ♥


Happy Wednesday! 


MAKE UP Love ♥

My E.L.F. make up order arrived today!

I SO wish I wasn't feeling so icky so I could play with it all!

I'll be doing so whenever I'm feeling better, 
and I'm sure I'll be doing a MM post on my newbies too... so stay tuned!

SO many goodies, and I still can't believe I got each for 50% of the price... MAJOR score!

AND I didn't leave Prissy Pants out either, I ordered her a little something too...

Her FIRST BRUSH, with bling, in PINK of course! :)

it's actually the PERFECT size for her,
and matches her little pink "make up case' perfectly too!

HAPPY Wednesday loves!


Monday, July 15, 2013

Sicky Icky


So I've managed to catch myself a little icky cold! Oh Joy!

It's nothing bad, but it's the kind of cold where you just feel so icky
 and want to stay in bed and sleep it away!

BUT being a Mommy, I can't do such a thing... so there's been A LOT of soup in my world (every meal) and lots and lots of orange juice and cough drops!

Oh yes, it's such a glamorous life I live! HA

at least my pills are tiny enough to not have any issues... I had to switch to smaller ones, after the first ones were GINORMOUS!

little known fact about myself: I have issues with BIG pills

HOPING to get this little cold out of my system soon... until then!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Moving On UP...

After our little Starbucks visit yesterday, and thanks to Prissy Pants cake pop.
 I've finally moved up to the GREEN level! WooHoo!

 Yes, I'm seriously doing a blog post on this people! :)

5 little golden stars in my cup, although there should be SIX... tisk! tisk! Starbucks!

HAPPY Saturday loves!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fun...

with Poppa!

A trip to Target, Starbucks, & Lowes...

Prissy Pants and I got the chance to spend a few hours with her Poppa today, we took him to Target 
(I needed to pick up an organizer thingie for Prissy Pants toys that was on sale),
after we picked up the last one (score!) we, of course,
 had to make a visit to Starbucks when we were done!

And then Poppa took us to Lowes... 
which is pretty much his "happy place" as Target is ours I learned!

Prissy Pants and I were definitely out of our element, but I was surprised at how much PINK they had... pink tools, pink keys, pink tape, pink flashlights, etc.
We even found her a Princess nightlight! And they had Wifi, so I was happy!

Our Tarjay finds...

I've been meaning to get this cute little organizer for Prissy Pants for a while now
& luckily it went on sale & we managed to grabbed the last one!

& thankfully we had Poppa's help to put this thing together, I can normally put things together,
  but this little thing was a bit tricky at first,
 & I was happy to have his assistance... & Miss Priss helped too! :)

So now hopefully Prissy Pants' toys can be a bit more organized now!
(we shall see! ha)

We always have to stop and browse her clothing,
especially whenever they're having sales, which they were!
 SO Prissy Pants scored a few cute pieces...

originally $15.00, but got it for only $4.50!

Cute little white dress with lace, & a lime green/yellow lace bow!
It's really cute, and I got the smallest size they had (24 months),
but it'll take Miss Petite Pants a bit to be able to fit into it!

originally $14.00, but got it for only $4.20!

She has another one just like this, but it's orange and pink, so I couldn't resist when I saw it again but in a antique white/french vanilla color! I absolutely LOVE the tulle bow!
And again, I got it in the smallest size (18 months),
because my Prissy Pants is on the petite side!

And lastly...

originally $7.00, but got it for only $2.10!

A cute and casual little hot pink shirt with cute sleeves and cute neck detailing!
(12 months)

After scoring some serious shopping deals in her department,
 we then had to pick up some band-aids and Neosporin ...
because it seems my girl is boo-boo-proned!
She's even picked up a couple of new nickname's...
"Boo-Boo Queen" &  "Band-aid Queen"
getting cute band-aids probably won't help this case, she goes through SO many!
 (I find them everywhere on her, her babies, furniture...)
SO I'm going to have to keep these out of her reach, or just buy stock in them!

AND then when we were done with our mini shopping spree, but on our way out we had to head over to Starbucks for some iced treats and a pretty pink cake pop too!

Prissy Pants stuck with her favorite... Double Chocolaty Chip frapp...

And I, decided to be a bit adventurous and opted for something new...

Cookie Crumble Frapp

This is a HUGE deal for me, I hardly ever try anything new!

BUT, I must say... I still LOVE my Java Chip and will continue ordering it! :)

The CC frapp was okay, but it did not compare to my favorite!

After we left Target/Starbucks, Poppa had to make a trip to his "happy place"! ha
LOWES, and I believe this was mine and Miss Priss' first time... ever!
SO, I of course, took a few pictures to document... duh! :)

I have to say, I was pleasantly pleased with this place!
(It's no Tarjay, but I wouldn't mind going back if needed!)

Prissy Pants was good, she had her iced "coffee" drink  and a cake pop!

But, towards the end, she was getting a bit bored...
(Sorry Pops, Tarjay is just this girls happy place)

She did perk up when we let her pick out a paint color for a little project Poppa is making for her!

She's pretty obsessed with purple still, so I wasn't surprised when she picked a purple shade...

We had a fun little Friday out with Poppa,
and we got to be a bit adventurous and step and shop into a new place we've never been before!

Happy Friday!