Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zoe ♥

I'm SO excited for The Rachel Zoe Project!

Season Premiere on September 6th
{{at 10 PM}}

This will help with no more PLL's on Tuesday's now!

Can't wait to see her baby bump, and her maternity wardrobe!!!

LOVE her!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the PRINCESS & the POTTY! ♥

This week I got Prissy pants a POTTY!
{{on Tuesday}}

being the "camera-happy Mommy" that I am-
I, of course, have pictures!
After all that we went through to get this little potty-
it was well worth it- because it's the CUTEST little thing!
equipped with a place for wipes and TP!
it even came with a thing of soap!


okay now for the PICTURES

{{please excuse the bad quality- I took them from my phone}}
 {{opening it up}}
{{Prissy pants testing it out, the wrong way, 
I think this is going to be a lot harder- then I originally thought!}}

 {{testing out the lid...}}


She thought this was SO much FUN to do!

it even came with  STICKERS
(that match the seat)

SO cute!

Okay NO more "potty posts" - well for this week at least! ha


it's my POTTY,
and I can try if I want to,
try if I want to...

just sit IN it- as Prissy pants did!

(evidence below- of COURSE I took a picture of it!)

Okay so I know my little Prissy pants is only 18 months old,
but I feel it would be good to get this thing started
I don't know how many more poopy diapers
(sorry non-Mommy friends- that was probably a bit TMI) I can take! ha
I LOVE my little Princess,
but a Momma can only take so much!

{{DOWN with diapers!}}


Thursday, August 18, 2011

... testing ...

This is my FIRST posting from my phone- Please excuse it not being in my normal text and form! I'm still trying to figure it all out! :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

NOT ME Monday

{{confession session}}

*Due to my being super busy last week, I was a bad housewife housemaid
and now today, I have lots and lots to do!

*I HATE when my "TO DO List" is super long!

*I think all Mommies should have assistants! ha :)

okay Sorry, but today's is super short because I have A LOT to do 
and Prissy pants is down for her nap- 
so I gotta go and do as much as I can before she awakes and makes more messes for me! :)

***the Real Housewives of New York Reunion part 2- TONIGHT! {{10 pm}}