Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Night Before Our Girls Trip...

& I have a massive amount of clothing on my bed (not all shown)
trying to pick what to take on the trip... because, of course, I've waited until the very last minute to pack.

Never, ever fails. I always find myself waiting until the last minute.

Well, at least Miss Priss is all ahead on her school work, so no biggie now for the days she will miss.
Goodness, I'm really loving homeschooling! 

While out shopping for fish food the other day, her and I came across these cute cups...
which, I know, we did not need- but I was thinking they'd be perfect for our trip. So we had to pick some our for each of us... Miss Priss picked hers out...

We actually picked up 5, because one was just too cute to not get.

Below are each of our cups and I've labeled whose is whose...

We picked the "best day ever" one for my Grandmother, because her being back at Loretta's Ranch will be the Best Day Ever, every day we are there. :)

Miss Priss liked the cat one, so that one was hers!

The "# NEED A NAP" one will be perfect for my Momma, because she's driving during the Road Trip part.

And then the, "Bless This Hot Mess".... well that one is clearly mine! :)

Okay, I need to go finish packing so we will be ready tomorrow morning!

Tennessee, here we come!

P.S. if you see a car full of crazy ladies tomorrow-Monday, just smile and wave! :)


Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Girls Gone Glampin' {Trip to Tennessee}

Our very first trip, which we did back in 2014,
to Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee

Yes, she has a ranch, a rather big ranch, in her own little town y'all!

I can't believe it's already been that long ago, now.
Seems like it was literally last year we did this, but that's probably because we loved this trip so so much!
Even Miss Priss, too! She still talks about it and the little cabin that we stayed in.
Which is why we are both ecstatic to be returning soon!

We love taking 'Girls Trips' with my Mom and my Grandmother.

We've taken some pretty good ones, with our last being to NYC!
But, this one still is in our top 5. It was just one of those perfectly perfect trips...
Well, actually it didn't start out so perfect. While road trippin' our way there, there was a horrible accident that had us stuck for many many hours (over 3 hours) along with other drivers. It was so long everyone parked and turned off their cars, and it was a hot and humid day.
But, once we made it through that, our arrival to our little cabin was pure perfection.
Probably because we were so happy we got the cabin named, "Coal Miners Daughter"

It was so cute and so charming!
Miss Priss wanted to move in!

Although there was no chandy (chandelier) hanging in this little cabin, I still call this "Glamping", because if you do not rent a cabin on her ranch, you can camp, which would also be fun, but let's be honest...
we aren't exactly the camping type. Staying in a cabin with one bathroom, is as close to camping as we ever want to be. We aren't big on bugs, and prefer having an AC.... I know, we sound like diva's now, but if we tried camping it'd literally resemble the camping scene from Troop Beverly Hills.

So anyways, back to the trip....

My Grandmother is a huge huge huge HUGE Loretta Lynn lover.
The best way I can express her love for her is by relating it to my love for Audrey Hepburn...
if you've followed me for a bit then you know how much I love Audrey... So, Loretta is her Audrey.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always heard about her, and also the late and great, Conway Twitty.
Whom, she also, still to this day loves and tells me that "there'll never be another Conway."
(nor another Loretta)

So for her birthday, which was a BIG one, but don't worry Nanny...
I won't reveal which one it was :)
My Mother surprised her with a trip to Loretta's Ranch to stay in a cabin and then a concert to see her!

My Mother also invited myself and Miss Priss, this was two years ago now, so this was way before she was in school or we had to even deal with the thought of school (oh, those were the days) ... so we were down!

On our way to TN, we literally listened back-to-back of Loretta and Conway.

Even though I had known of Loretta since I was younger, from my Grandmother,
I didn't really know her songs that well- I mean I'm sure I had heard them at some point,
but not with my 'adult ears', to really appreciate them and the lyrics.

 So this was especially fun for me,
hearing all the back stories of the songs from my Mom & Nanny as we listened....
I quickly fell in love with her, her voice, and the honesty in her lyrics-
something that is lacking these days in the music industry.

Before we reached Hurricane Mills, I too, had become a Loretta Lover!
Even Miss Priss found she loved her songs, too.

And if you follow me on Instagram, you'll know this is not a lite, since I've posted videos of her singing along to Loretta.... our very favorite of hers is, "Fist City"

As I currently type this out I had to put it on, so I'm singing along with every word as I type...

If I start typing the lyrics just please ignore- ha!

It never gets old. Never.

Goodness I love this woman. Okay, but back to our trip ....

Even Miss Eloise made it along on this Girls Trip with us...

I just love this picture of my Nanny and Miss Priss (& Eloise- ha)

The look that was captured in this picture on her face, is just everything!
She was truly in her happy place.

I wonder if this is what my face appears to be like when entering Target,
or when I was in NYC and went to Tiffany's...

Yeah, Target and Tiffany's...
Only one can I actually afford to shop in! :)

I think that's also why this trip was a great one, getting to see her experience this 'dream trip' of hers, the whole trip she had this look and was just in awe... it was truly an amazing thing to see!

Also, it was a special thing to have FOUR generations,
who have loved Loretta from the beginning (My Nanny), loved her just as her Momma does (My Mom),
or have a new found love for her (Myself and Miss Priss)

Four ladies, four generations, brought together for one lady.
Loretta will always hold a special little place in our hearts, especially after this trip!

Loretta also has a restaurant, not on her ranch, but in her town...
'Loretta Lynn's Kitchen'

So, of course, we had to go!

We actually went twice, once for dinner and then once again the morning we left,
we had to stop one more time, for breakfast! It was some good ole' fashioned country cooking...
and us Southern Girls loved every bit (and bite) of it!

COFFEE in a Loretta Cup!

Oh and I have to mention, she also has a store inside her restaurant,
that actually had some Audrey Hepburn & Breakfast At Tiffany's things!
Which, made me love her even more for having such pieces!
I didn't get any of them, because it was pieces I actually already had.
(like the Breakfast At Tiffany's bag, that both myself and Miss Priss have)

I know I took pictures of it, but I cannot seem to find all of the pictures from our trip.
Hence, why I'm not sharing that many on this post.
There's SO many more that were taken, hopefully I'll find them and do a proper post.

And speaking of shopping.....

Miss Priss and my Nanny with their boutique bags

Outside of Loretta's boutique, which my Nanny cleared about half of their merchandise of...
She probably would've cleared the WHOLE boutique out, but the other half she already had... no lie.

Even Miss Priss, had a little boutique bag herself, too!

And now onto the best....

My Grandmother and my Momma on the infamous steps

*This was the "YAY! We finally made it!", 
after being stuck and parked on the road for 3 hours, 
due to a bad accident that occurred ahead of us,
 it felt like we were never going to make it here.

I absolutely adore this picture.
It perfectly captured this trip... the ecstatic expression on my Grandmothers face,
while my Momma is down below looking up at her.

A bond shared between a Mother and her Daughter is such a beautiful thing!
And when both can bond over a shared love for something, it's sweet!

I can only hope my relationship with Miss Priss will be exactly this way, as theirs is, when we are older!

Oh, my heart!
My favorites, besides Miss Priss!

Peeking through to see her mansion...

We did the tour, so here's a look from the mansion looking down at the infamous steps...

My Nanny at the front door...

(We went during the Fall, hence all the Fall decor)

My Nanny & Momma sitting on the swinging bench, on the back porch...

At the gate, that reads... "Coal Miners Daughter"....

One of my favorites on her ranch, was the replica cabin that she has...

this is the cabin that she grew up in, "...up on a hill in Butcher Holler"
(in Kentucky, the original)

She had this replica built, and I just love that!
It actually is still up on that hill in Butcher Holler, apparently.

That's one thing (of many) that I love about Loretta, although she's rich and famous,
she still loves and is so proud of where she came from and is grateful for it.
She also has a tribute to her Dad, who was a Coal Miner...
it's a walk-through of a mock-up of

Loretta's old Tour Bus...

And then, before her concert, they had already brought her new Tour Bus over,
and parked it behind the place she was performing at later that day, on her ranch, still.

Loretta was actually already on the bus, and as we were pulling in,
my Mom and Nanny got to see her briefly- she was walking up and into the bus.
So, of course, we had to stop and then walk up and take a picture with my Nanny posing in front of it!

I cannot wait until we are there again.
This was such a special trip, for some many reasons,
and while I know that this trip will not be exactly as the first
I have no doubt it'll still be a good and memorable trip, the second time around!


Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday has got me like....

LOTS & LOTS of coffee, please!

In fact I think I'll definitely be drinking more coffee than a Gilmore Girl today.

Is it Friday, yet?

Actually, is it Thursday yet? 
Thursday will be our Friday, this week, since we'll be taking a Girls Road Trip...

Although, is it actually "glamping" whenever a cabin is involved? I think so.

Besides our trip to NYC, this trip that we took 2 years ago, has been a favorite...
so we are doing it again! 

I'll be sure to take lots & lots of pictures... & then actually blog when we return :)

Until then, I might do a post with pictures from our last... Girls Gone Glampin' Trip!


Friday, August 26, 2016

This Week...

{Week of August 22-26, M-F}


Lots and lots of COFFEE, with a side of muffin ...

and learning how to use this cute new little laptop of ours...

(and yes, got it from Target, they had it on sale at a great price!)


Oh Tuesday, it was...
Enough, said!


My Betsey (Johnson) BOW Sandals came in,
 that I had been stalking the FedEx tracking website for...
(the second pair, after the failed first pair)

And yay oh yay, this pair was the perfect fit!

Learned more about our little laptop and fell in love with it....

Made and added a background, Miss Priss helped with adding some of our favorite pictures...


A big ole' cup of COFFEE

And then, later on in the day an iced coffee...

Yes, I think I do, drink more coffee than a Gilmore Girl! :)


{Friday Favorites}

& hope everyone has a happy weekend, too!

Enjoy it.


Thursday, August 25, 2016

Oh yes...

Catch UP with Collages {Part II}

Continuing on from yesterday...


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