Friday, May 18, 2012

Favorite Finds Friday

Every so often I find things that I just absolutely fall in LOVE with and become OBSESSED with... SO I figured I'd share my favorites (every so often on Friday's) with my favorites! :)

My two favorite things I'm posting about today, just so happen to both be products from the line of 'E.L.F.' ...

if you do not know of this brand get aquatinted!

They have different lines ranging from $1 up to $6, & available at my favorite... Target!

I've also been told they are at different stores now too, although I've yet to confirm it- I usually do most of my shopping at Target- so it's a perfect fit for myself- if you do not have a Target (I'm SO SO sorry!)
you can go here and put in your zip code and they'll locate a nearest available store for you!

OR you can just go to their website and shop!

Also, it's important, (or at least I think so) to note that E.L.F. is "cruelty free"- meaning they do not test on animals, which makes me love them even more!

  • Cruelty Free

    Okay, now onto my two new items I picked up!

    E.L.F. foundation brush {$3}

    I was a little hesistant, but figured if it wasn't good I was only out three dollars!
    But, I am SO glad I took that huge financial risk, HA, because I absolutely LOVE this little brush!
    I feel it makes my foundation look so much better & smoother.

    Second 'favorite find' of mine, is also another E.L.F. product...

    E.L.F. HD Powder {$6}

    I'm not really sure if this one makes such a huge difference or not, BUT I do LOVE
    how soft it makes my skin feel... so for that alone is why I'm OBSESSED! :)

    *update- let me warn- a little bit goes a long way with this product! Since it's HD, it's white- and so when applying it can totally make you casper-esque if applying to much.

    HAPPY Friday & happy shopping!


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