Friday, June 7, 2013

Four Pictures of Home CHALLENGE

So there's this little picture challenge on Instagram going on right now,
#4PicsOfHome, by @SingLittleMama ,
 & can I just say now that I absolutely LOVE & adore her pictures!

I tagged my sister in the 'rules' picture she posted (@SingLittleMama)
and told her we needed to do it, 
so yesterday my sister did hers and then tagged me and some of her friends to do the challenge as well.

Here's my sisters four...

GORGEOUS, right?
I LOVE that we both have the same taste in style... home decor, furniture, clothes, etc. HA
It's true though, sometimes it's scary when we go shopping together... we'll pick up the SAME things!
OR even when she's not visiting us, and we'll buy the EXACT same things, STATES away!
I always joke with her when we do things like this, 
and say "Gosh, it's like we're sisters or something"! :)

OH, and yes we have the same chandy's too! We are both OBSESSED with chandy's as well!

And now for my four...

I chose to have a theme to mine... 
{Miss Priss Edition}
all things "hanging up" in her room...

1.) Princess Wall Art (from Target)
2.) Her and Mine Art on Canvas'
3.) Chandy (from Home Depot, online)
4.) Pink Tulle Hanging Net over her Big Girl Bed, tied back with hanging wall sconces with hanging crystals - really meant for candles but I  just put hot pink roses on top! 
(from a vintage shop, & gift from my grandmother to her)

And so now, I tag YOU!
go go go! 
And don't forget to tag your four with #4PicsOfHome hashatag!
& too, tag me in it so I can see! :)


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