Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big Girl Bed... ❤

So tonight will be the second night, that Miss Priss will be in her "Big Girl Bed",
(I know, we're like 2 years behind on this one- don't judge me!) HA
& Mommy doesn't have to freak out over her falling out thanks to this little thingie!
Unlike, the night before, whenever I didn't have this little thing- I just had an  insane amount of pillows all along her bed, and on the floor (in case she did fall off),
but I got NO sleep from always checking on her, and she ended up just sleeping in my bed with me!

But this little thing I LOVE, because I no longer have to worry, I know she'll be OKAY...
which means (hopefully) Mommy will now get MORE SLEEP... WooHoo! :)

Nighty Night Darlings!


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