Saturday, January 14, 2012

a PARK day...

I usually take Prissy Pants to a little park, that's outside of our neighboorhood,
which she loves and I love- for totally different reasons!
I LOVE it for it's size and it be very hidden- which means less other little kiddies!
AND it being SO close to us is another plus too! :)
Miss P LOVES it, because it has a SLIDE & SWINGS... her favorites!

BUT, today while out having a "Girls Day" with "GAGA",
we decided to take her to a bigger park...

 {{posing for Gaga}}

Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you- we are dressed somewhat alike! (but NO tutu for me!)
I tend to do this, A LOT!

She's my MINI ME! :)

AFTER having the "bigger" park experience- which consisted of too many little kids running around, one little boy getting hurt (seriously within 5 minutes of us being there), and another  little boy almost getting hurt from almost falling off the slide- which I caught-
Mommy skills are always in effect, even for others who aren't my baby! :)
I decided that we would stick with our little park! ha

Bigger isn't always better!