Friday, April 29, 2011

PRINCESS Pajama Party ♥

{{viewing party of the Royal Wedding of William & Kate}}

Pajama's, Pink Tiara's, & Princess Punch!

Waking up at 3 in the morning was just a little too much for us.
{{we like our sleep around here}}
So instead, we recorded the Wedding and will have a small "viewing party" for us girls on Sunday!

pictures to come of all the fun!



a ROYAL Wedding ♥

fit for a PRINCESS!

I LOVE that she did her own little wave
not the stiff "proper" wave!

the DRESS!

by Alexander McQueen
{{Sarah Burton ,creative director of British fashion house Alexander McQueen}}

The blushing bride made her long-awaited arrival at Westminster Abbey looking elegant and stunning
in a long-sleeve lace, ivory and satin gown with flattering V neckline and 8-foot-long train, with a simple lace-edged veil and understated (for royal standards) tiara sparkling over her half up, half down hairdo.

the  Ceremony...

{{my favorite picture}}

MORE pictures of the DRESS to come...

{{as soon as I find better ones!}}

Thursday, April 28, 2011

fit for a PRINCESS

I'm ready for the 4 a.m. watch party!
{{and if not, I've got the DVR set!}}

I'll be watching the Royal Wedding in my jammies
TIARA, of course!

any bets on who we think she will be wearing?
I'm hoping for an Alexander McQueen Gown!
{{Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen}}

I'm excited to watch it all... & have my little Princess watch it all too!

{{pictures to come!}}


30 before 30

My LIST of 30 Things To DO before I'm 30...

1.) Watch ALL Movies Audrey Hepburn starred in
2.) Join a Cause & Donate {{money or time, or both}}
3.) Go to a 'Karaoke Bar' & Sing a song!
4.) Invent a Cocktail
5.) Spend an obscene amount of money on something I've always wanted
6.) Become an Owner {{business, property, etc.}}
7.) Design & Make an Outfit
8.) Cook a 4-course Dinner
9.) Help Someone who is less fortunate
10.) Adopt a pet
11.) Bake something delicious {{from scratch}}
12.) Take a RoadTrip
13.) Forgive someone who has done me wrong
14.) Tell someone how I truly feel about them
15.) Document a  week of 'My Life' {{through blog with pictures, or video}}
16.) Create a 'Reading List' & read all the books on it
17.) Re-Create the "Julie & Julia" Cooking Project
{{complete 524 recipes in 365 days}}
18.) Find a Vintage piece {{furniture}} and bring it back to life
19.) Start a 'Quote Book' - book of quotes I LOVE!
20.) Invent Something {{big or small}}
21.) Hand-write a LOVE letter & seal it in a bottle and drop into the ocean!
22.) Have a Picnic in a Park
23.) Go to Tiffany's & Ask for something for $10
24.) Write a 'Want List' & 'Wish List'
25.) Watch a 'Movie in the Park'
26.) POP & Drink Champagne for no reason at all
27.) Start a 'Savings Account' 
28.) Make & Complete a list of 30 Dessert Recipes
{{I'm a HORRIBLE "Baker" & would LOVE to change that}}
29.)  Go on a 'Wine Tasting'
30.) Celebrate the last night of my "20's" in style!

the BIG two FIVE!

okay so it's official...
I'm now a quarter of a century OLD!

and you know what?
I don't really feel any older or any different!

SO on my first day of being 25,
I'm writing a list of things I want to do before my next BIG birthday {{30}}
{{30 Things To DO Before I'm 30}}

Once I have it finished, I'll post it up!

Hope everyone is having a FABULOUS Thursday!

*also I'd like to just say that my heart, thoughts, & prayers
are with everyone who has been effected by this crazy weather yesterday!
Stories of just what this storm did is heartbreaking!

I'm so thankful that my cousin, who was a student at University of Alabama,
had just recently decided to transfer back home and go to UCF instead!
So having this come close to my family,
I can only imagine what others are going through with their family members and loved ones being there.
SO SO sad!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 25, 2011

EASTER! ♥ {{part III}}

{{Easter Egg Hunting!}}

holding her basket like a purse!