Thursday, June 6, 2013

I'm in complete...

chandy bliss!

FINALLY got (1 out of the 2) chandy's UP!
That only took almost a year AFTER I purchased them! HA
That's actually SO sad and a bit embarrassing... 
oh well it's up and I'm in LOVE, & I want MORE!
(I hope they put them on sale again this summer)

Okay, so here she is in all her glam glory....

I know, it's not the best picture, but I'll take more whenever I get her a proper base plate thingie...
 clearly from that last statement, it's pretty apparent that I did NOT hang the chandy- since I do not even know the proper terminology! HA
THANKS to my Dad who hung it up!
Me and Miss Priss are in LOVE... she told me, "it's perfect", & that we need "more, more, more!"- clearly we've been watching too much ELOISE lately! :)
("Nanny" in Eloise says certain words three times)


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