Monday, June 24, 2013

planning, planning, planning...

Hi, my name is Alisha, and I'm a plan'oholic!

(and an iced-coffee'oholic too!)

I'm the kind of  girl who has to plan things out, I love making lists (& checking them twice)
 I'm just a planner at heart,
which is probably why I LOVED being a part of the planning process for brides back in the day,
(I say "back in th day" it really wasn't that so long ago, but it feels like forever ago now)
little random known fact- I was once an event planner, before Miss Prissy Pants!

There are a few exciting events coming up, so I'm in FULL planner mode!

I still have a few months (3 months for two and 4 months for the BIG)

 in OCTOBER-  "The Little Mermaid" will be released, FINALLY!
(it was supposed to be released in March)
 I'll be doing a little "viewing party" for Prissy Pants like we did for the Cinderella release!
(hopefully with less stress over purchasing this DVD, than Cinderella)

Not planning anything too fancy, just need to order a small Ariel cake (like I did for Cinderella), and then find or make Prissy Pants a cute Ariel/Mermaid outfit to wear like she did for Cinderella- she got all dressed up in her Cinderella dress, clear slipper heels, tiara, and jewelry! But, she doesn't really have an Ariel dress or mermaid outfit still, I can't seem to find a cute one and Disney's are just... well....
not cute and too expensive & I'm not paying a small fortune for something ugly, I just can't do it!
 Which means I might be making a "mermaid tail", what she tells me she wants ... which if I do it'll go perfectly for Halloween....

HALLOWEEN- so far, (I say this because a toddler girls mind is so fickle) she's saying she wants her costume to be like Ariel. She's been pretty obsessed with Ariel, since our last Disney trip on her birthday and too, I think it helped that when meeting Ariel she was AMAZING with her and really took a lot of time talking to her and even gave her a kiss on her cheek (which she STILL talks about to this day)- so I'm hoping with the DVD release also being in October,
that she'll still be in Ariel Bliss and choose that as her costume, BUT we shall see!

Although a little viewing party & costume designing is nothing compared to what will be happening in NOVEMBER ....

Auntie JennJenn & the mini's are coming down & we've decided to do DISNEY with them! We are SO ecstatic to do this trip, originally we were supposed to do it last year when they came down, but the weather was just not allowing it, but this year we'll be going in November instead of the summer- so we have a better chance of no rain and less heat, well hopefully!
 (sometimes FL can be hot in November too)

Iv'e re-downloaded the Disney App, & ordered their Vacation Planning Tools package!

I'm already exhausted with just the planning process, so  I can't even imagine how exhausted we are all going to be when we are actually park hoping, but it's all for the memories! :)

I think I better start stocking up on the WINE now, for our Mommy Nights- although I'm sure we'll just crash as soon as we get back to the room and be too tired to even have fun Mommy/Girl Talks! BUT I'm still going to plan some fun "Mommy Time" things for us in hopes we get the chance!
Maybe even do a Tatum-Night... all movies with Channing- we are HUGE Tatum Lovers... like every other single girl in the world! HA  Jenna is the LUCKIEST girl!

Thankfully we are going to just stay with her and the mini's at their hotel which is on the Disney property, so that'll be nice and easy! Prissy Pants is excited, she hasn't been since her birthday, & this trip will be special because she gets to experience it all over again with her cousins!

And as a plus, my sister's longtime friend will be joining us with her little boys and hubby!
We've already decided to have a Mommy Night
annnnnd we have found these cute little "Wine Sippy Cups".... cute, no?

This will sure come in handy now that the "happiest place on Earth" (Magic Kingdom) sells WINE,
can I get a WooHoo Momma's?! :)

AND the best part... Disney World just opened TWO STARBUCKS locations (one in Magic Kingdom & the other at Epcot), so it truly is (now) the "happiest place on Earth" for us adults ....
all that's missing is a Target! HA

(Which I'm sure we'll be hitting up before checking in to the hotel)

Other fun events that will be taking place in November...

Which is my favorite holiday, with Christmas coming in second!

*My Sisters Birthday, don't worry Auntie JennJenn I won't share which one this is! :)

ALSO the BIG UF vs FSU game, which happens to fall on her birthday this year
(I'm a HUGE Gator Girl and she's an FSU'er... so this is a BIG deal game for us every year)

There's going to be a lot of fun things happening and fun celebrations coming our way,
and I'll be planning up until they do!
Although, one thing that I cannot plan for is my GATORS winning, I'm counting on it though! HA

Happy MONDAY loves!


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