Wednesday, May 21, 2014

{Wordless Wednesday}

Happy Wednesday loves!
Today's WW isn't going to be so "wordless"...
Hope everyone is having a fabulous day, we're currently packing for a surprise trip
(it's a good thing she doesn't read my blog- ha!)
to go and see my Grandmother, since her birthday is today! It's going to be a fun trip!
So, if I don't blog much from now until Sunday,
it's because we are down South visiting and celebrating with her!
Hope everyone has a fun-filled rest of the week and weekend too!

Birthday Love

from Miss Priss to our Nanny!
Miss Prissy Pants is SO tech savvy, she even left this message on her FB wall...
(okay, with a lot of help from me)
Happy Birthday Nanny!
Prissy Pants and I LOVE you so so much!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

GIRLS Day with Gaga

We LOVE our Girls Days, and we especially love our Girls Days with our Gaga!
 We decided to go to the $1 theater to see FROZEN (Prissy Pants owns it- but we never went to see it when it was first out in theater), because well it's pretty much Prissy Pants favorite movie, girl can quote the entire movie and sing the songs too, and Gaga hasn't yet seen it... so we thought it'd be perfect for our Girls Day together!

Me and my Mini!
(it was a rainy day, so we rocked our rain boots- you know to jump in those "muddy puddles"!)
Our tickets.
Our little seat finder!
& of course we had to have some CANDY...

with "snow" on it!
 It was a fun filled day with my girl & Gaga!
And Prissy Pants sang along to all the songs, I even joined in with her on the "Let It Go" song too...
thank goodness it was loud in there! :)