Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Surprise, Surprise!

Me & Miss Priss had a surprise waiting for us as we arrived back from shopping yesterday,
our gifts we ordered from Amazon had arrived, 2 days earlier than they were supposed to.

She was helping me with the box and trying to help me open it- as I cut it opened with help from scissors- and then I reminded her that her Minnie Mouse was inside & she got really really excited!
And, I have to say, her Minnie is really cute & really soft...  she's in LOVE with her!

as for my Audrey gifts-

my Audrey book- "Audrey in Rome"-
 I LOVE it, it's a bit smaller than I was expecting it'd be, 
but it's gorgeous- as is all the photographs inside.
I especially love the cover shot- in black & white and then the title in HOT PINK!
(as well as the inside cover pages... love! love! love!)

my Audrey coffee mug-
I instantly fell in LOVE the moment I saw it, but as I took it out from it's bag, I noticed a small crack! :(
And then, upon further inspection- I noticed an even BIGGER crack- that went across her face! So I'm now in the process of shipping it back to Amazon and have requested a replacement- I must say, although I was not impressed with their packaging of our items (all of which was tossed in a big box with minor packaging product to inure items arrived safely and undamaged) I am impressed (so far) with their return policy- I am not being charged to return my broken item and this morning I've already received, via email, that my new & hopefully crack-free mug is on it's way... yay! :)


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