Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mommy & Miss Priss Day...

I had plan on having a Mommy/Daughter day with Prissy Pants today, but due to carseat issues it got canceled... so instead of going out shopping, I decided to use a few gift cards that she & I still have from our birthday's! So our cute Mommy & Miss Priss day will just have to wait a bit longer.
(because you know, it's not like every day is Mommy & Miss Priss day! HA)
But, when it does happen don't worry I'll make sure to take pictures, as always!  :)

Okay so now on to the good stuff.... what we got....

For Miss Priss: 

A Minne Mouse glow & cuddle doll

I LOVE how her BOW lights up, this will be a fab little "nighty-night" toy for her!

This wasn't her first choice, (but she's ecstatic upon her arrival)
she really wanted more little Lalaloopsy dolls, BUT OH MY GOODNESS... those things are ridiculously priced online... I paid $17 for her "Pillow" in Target a few weeks ago and now they're going for as much as $65 on Amazon.... craziness! 
I guess I'll be stalking Target until they get new ones in!
(ahh, who am I kidding, we are they enough as is.)

And then I got...

mine had a theme... AUDREY! :)

"AUDREY In Rome" by her son Luca Dotti

I've been wanting this ever since I got the Vanity Fair magazine, back in April!
In the magazine, where Audrey was their May Cover Girl, they did a spread on this book!

and then I also got this too, because it's been on my "Wish List" for a while now...

and adorable little travel mug:



"You Can Never Go Wrong With A Little BLACK DRESS"

Audrey Hepburn 
Breakfast At Tiffany's


Oh and I also got a new hot pink rhinestone phone cover too, because a certain little Prissy Pants started taking off the rhinestones from my current one, and placing the rhinestones everywhere imaginable... her nails, face, and even on her sippy cups too, I guess my love for "bling" has passed onto her! 

Have a fab Thursday!


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