Tuesday, May 21, 2013

{SHOES-day Tuesday}

Oh Happy Day!

So this is my first SHOES-day Tuesday, since, well like forever to be honest! 

I haven't purchased any shoes for myself lately, I know sigh, but Prissy Pants on the other hand has!
Shoes (& clothing) are just SO much cuter in her size!

So this pair of shoes, we picked up at our oh so favorite... Target!
And they were on sale too, double score!
They had different colors to choose from, 
but she's really been obsessed with purple lately- so she instantly fell in love with the pastel purple pair!

(I did cut off the top straps, which is a pain for both her & I when putting them on her...
 & too, I think they look SO SO much cuter now without that hideous little strap!)

Adorable little springy ballet flats, CHECK!
Now, I just need to find and pair cute little outfits and dresses to match them!

BUT, we are covered on the matching nail polish...

found this color while out on a different shopping trip, and she really really wanted a darker purple shade, but we compromised with this lighter shade-
especially after I reminded her it would go good with her new shoes!

Sometimes the saying is true, "Momma knows best" :)
Because it's a PERFECT match!

Now if only she can leave the polish on her nails for more than 25 minutes after I paint her nails....

Have a fabulous SHOES-day!


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