Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mommy Day... ♥

This year was my third "Mommy Day" celebration with Miss Priss!

She kept asking me if it was my birthday, so I explained it was a day for all the Mommy's!
And then, she asked if it was for her too, & I told her yes, 
since I would not be a Mommy (and celebrating) if it weren't for her! :)

I had a sweet surprise awaiting for me when I woke up, from Miss Priss...
(she had some help from GiGi)

On the front, was a picture of me and her in the hospital (the day she was born), and then on the inside is a picture from the week before. And then there was her sweet sentiment of love for me! :)

love! love! love!

It's always the little things as such that I absolutely adore and LOVE!
& that I'll cherish forever, whenever she's too cool for her Momma! ha
(Oh, please Lord do not let that day come!)

And then we went out to eat, which was practically a nightmare- because everyone else and their Mother (literally) had the same exact thought too! So we ended up trying out a new little place.
Which I now LOVE, they had the best raspberry iced tea and fab burgers, which I couldn't resist from ordering- Thanks to it being that time (TMI?)- I know it was a great gift to me on Mommy day! ha
Ahh, who am I kidding, I probably would've ordered it regardless! 

*sidenote- yes that's TWO things of ketchup- one for my fries and one for my burger... 
I'm a bit obsessive with my ketchup!

Looking at this, reminds me, this is practically the exact meal 
I had while in early labor with Prissy Pants!

Maybe this shall be our new little tradition! ha 
(Although, she had Mac N' Cheese & fries!)

I'm such a bad photographer because I took NO pictures of Miss Priss & myself, but, isn't that the way it always goes though?

I did, however, capture just a few of her while we were visiting my grandmother, 
which is her great-grandmother! We had three generations of the H girls!
(again, another great photo, that I did not take!)

(she's wearing a flower necklace, lei, that the lady's were handing out to all the Mothers there that day & she got one too! Which totally made her day!) 

Hope all you Momma's had a fabulous Mommy Day!


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