Monday, May 27, 2013

{Memorial Day} 2013

So blessed to live in a country where we can honor those who have passed in order for us to live in the present. I am so thankful to ALL of the brave men and women (and to their families) who have served and who are currently serving to protect our lives, they are TRUE HEROES!
No words could ever describe how very appreciative I am for their selfless service.

Let us never forget why (and because of whom) we are the land of the free, because
many paid the ultimate price for our freedom...  it's not just a day where the children get a day off from school, and the adults off from work, it's a day to stop and reflect & say THANK YOU to those who have served and to those currently serving- they do SO much with nothing expected in return...
 a true HERO is someone who wears a uniform and boots,
I know this, because I know many who do!

So, to all who have worn the uniform and boots THANK YOU!

Thank You for allowing myself and my mini me to be able to live our lives without fear,
Thank You for sacrificing your own life just to ensure we get to live ours,
Thank You for protecting us from evil,
Thank You for taking action when it's needed,
Thank You for being brave,
Thank You for fighting and for believing that America is STILL great, and it's people!

I truly believe in the quote, "If you don't stand behind our troops, feel free to stand in front of them."

GOD Bless every soldier and their families!


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