Friday, May 10, 2013

a FABULOUS Friday! ♥


Today was a FABULOUSLY fun  Friday for me and my Prissy Pants!

We did a few of our favorites.... did a shopping trip at TARGET, and STARBUCKS too!
(since the Frapp Happy Hour was still going on)

Goodness, I just LOVE seeing those logos!!!
(I know, I know, I have issues) :)

I, also, LOVE seeing this....

$1.87 for Miss Priss' & only $2.37 for mine!
a TOTAL of $4.54!!!
which is cheaper than just my drink alone, at regular price!

ahhh, if only Starbucks had their Happy Hour every day like Steak N' Shake!
Although, it's probably best for my thighs that they do not! :)

{Java Chip Frapp (mine) & a Double Chocolaty Chip Frapp (for her)}

Yes, I know, even our drinks match too, I secretly LOVE it!
But, unlike mine, hers does NOT have coffee in it- it's just basically a chocolate milkshake.

 OH, and that would be her lil' leopard purse not mine- although I'd rock it, if it were bigger! :) 

After our Starbucks fix, HA, we went shopping in Target.
I just would like to take a minute to say, how much I absolutely adore Super Target stores that have a Starbucks in their stores, THANK YOU! genius, pure genius! Me and my Mini Me love to sip on our favorite drinks and shop... it's the little things I tell ya!

Okay, back to the shopping part...
I didn't really have a "list" of things to shop for, other than looking for the the infamous 'Lalaloopsy' doll, "Pillow"- that Miss Priss is OBSESSED with as of recent- she's back to loving the color PURPLE, and this particular Lalaloopsy doll has purple hair and matching purple pajama's (hence her name, Pillow) I had been promising her that if she was a good girl for me and listened to me (the week before our visit) that I would get Pillow as a present for her, in return for her good behavior.
 I'm not above bribing in return for good behavior - because have I mentioned we have entered the "terrible threes" (which is much worse than the "terrible twos").

...we headed back to the toy department, and luckily I found Miss Pillow, which made Prissy Pants beyond ecstatic, & I was in fact the BEST Mommy EVER! 

*for those of you not up on the Lalaloopsy craze, don't feel bad I'm a newbie too, it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find Pillow, is out of stock on them and most of their stores are at a very low stock availability- so this was a huge success in the "Mommy World"! :)


With Prissy Pants on cloud 9, I decided to go and browse the E.L.F. section 
(E.L.F is to me what Lalaloopsy is to her)

I kind of LOVE that when I go and look, I have just about everything.
But I did manage to pick up a few new things, and restock on some favorites that I'm running low on.

I'll let you know what I think about the newbies!

And soon I need to just do a E.L.F. post too!

all in all we had a fun & rememberable little Mommy & Daughter shopping day!


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