Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{{WINES-day Wednesday}} (Housewives Style)

so recently I discovered that two "Real Housewives" started a
{wines picked for you and deliverd to you monthly}
I was SO ecstatic,  I mean seriously, how GENIUS...
because what's NOT to love with this concept?!
 BUT then my excitement turned sour when I found out which two...
from the "Real Housewives of O.C."
Tamra & Vicki
 'Wines by Wives'
which is a really cute name, & I still LOVE the concept....
 but I think I'll stick to picking out my own wine Thanks!

I feel I  can't personally support it, because I just don't like those ladies-
I do like and have to mention that they do give 10% back to a charity of your choice-
well your choice of either Vicki's or Tamra's personal favorite charities- 
 Vicki supports the Women's Shelter (in Long Beach)
 Tamra supports the  Breast Cancer Foundation

HOWEVER, if you happen to be a fan of theirs... here's their link ... they are doing a contest for an "exclusive" night out with one of them... not sure why not both of them?!

but anyways here's the link...

HAPPY WINES-day Wednesday!

I won't be "celebrating" WW tonight, but tomorrow night Gaga & I will be with our infamous 'Girls Night In' with Prissy Pants- no wine for her of  course! :)

I'll try and take at least a few pictures,
because I'm usually horrible at remembering to do that on our "Girls Nights"!

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