Wednesday, March 28, 2012

nail LOVE

recently, as an "Influenster", I received my first "VoxBox"
the 'LOVE VoxBox'

and I got to try a product for nails... art for your nails!

"Kiss"  'Nail Dress'

I got the leopard print design, as you can see above!
My little Prissy Pants wanted to have her nails be "dressed" too, so I did hers as well!
and they were adorable! :)

NOW, for the good stuff....

my review of the product:

I saved this product for last, although I was excited to try it, I was also a bit nervous it would be hard or that I would mess it up- BUT no fear, it is VERY VERY easy!
I honestly LOVED them,
my only complaint that I have is the actual strips do have a very strong smell-
like nail polish does- but it doesn't last long-
so all in all it's no different than when painting your nails really!
 but other than that I LOVED this product
 I'll definitely purchase more and experiment with their other styles!
 (& Miss Priss too!)


OH and they do last A LOT longer than nail polish-
whenever you do decide to remove them, they peel right off!
(just make sure you do file & buff your nails
before applying regular nail polish after using these strips!)

I left mine on for a little over 2 weeks... they say they last up to 10 days- but mine were still going strong after 2+ weeks, & I chose to finally take them off- only because I finally found my favorite polish and color in the store on Saturday!

here's a picture well into the second week:
(still perfectly intact)

SO to sum it up...

PRO's: easy to apply and NO having to wait for them to dry (a  plus for Mommy's),
lasts longer than nail polish, satisfaction of being a nail designer without actually having to do anything! :)
*they also provide a cute little pink nail filer-
to make sure you get the best application of the strips to your nails!

CON's:  strong smell after opening- so take strips out of the package before you intend to apply them to your nails!

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