Saturday, March 24, 2012

a SHOPPING Saturday, with a little DANCING & FIREFIGHTERS too!

say what?

Yes, shopping, dancing, & firefighters... oh my!
Now, I know you are thinking where exactly did I take my toddler shopping... HA ...
but just read my little long story below and it'll all make sense- promise! :)

Today me and Miss Priss had to make a much-needed shopping trip to Tarjaay!
(oh darn, right?) :)

Although, it was strictly for things we needed... milk, diapers, wipes...etc.
plus maybe a few things we didn't need too...
... maybe... perhaps?!

although this little Disney Princess book and pen was a MUST-have and needed!
(since Friday, she got A LOT of signatures, which filled up her book!)

I just LOVE Target!
both of these items were on their "dollar aisles"...
and if you've ever been to Disney or even a Disney store, the pen alone would have been at least $8-$10 and the little book $10-$12 ... SO I think it was a great deal!
(see how I can rationalize shopping & spending? it's a gift, I know!)  :)

I'll be keeping them out of Miss Priss' little hands, and in the wrappers, because she likes to uhhm, well... mess things up...
we are just at that stage, & what a joyful stage it is! HA
I can't tell you how nice it is to see scribbles in my planner, daily calendar, notes, etc!
Maybe I just have a future little artist?!

Okay back to the story...
Still feeling all sore & achy from yesterday's Epcot trip...
 (post & pictures coming soon)
I couldn't manage to get into real clothes, so I committed a fashion faux pas...
I went in my sweat-suit... BUT  I did pair it with some HIGH heel wedges!
(so I feel, that helped and excused it, plus it was a Saturday too!)

which are gold and matched my sparkly glittery-gold shirt underneath my jacket...
which went perfectly with my gold and brown leopard nails,
which are somehow still perfectly intact!?

So in a way, I looked very well put-together, but just wasn't feeling it!

OH and the best part, I had Miss Priss in a sort-of matching outfit but with an added POP of color with her hot pink & sparkles of gold TUTU
along with her gold sparkly shoes!

Miss Priss' & Mommy's

(Sorry, this is like my 43298042 picture like this of our shoes, but I just LOVE them!)

SO on our way to Tarjaay, BritBrit comes on {Till the World Ends}
and we get stopped at a red-light.

I'm dancing away, and turning back and watching my mini me dance and copy me with my LOVELY car-dancing skills... which inlcude a lot of head-boppin'...
 when I turn back around to check on the light,
I also happen to notice a male-driver in the next lane,
who has been watching mine and Prissy's "performance"!

I'm sure my face turned BRIGHT RED, I was mortified!
But he must have liked it, because we both got two thumbs up!
Thankfully he was in the turning lane,
 which was the the light that turned first before ours,
 thankfully I was wearing my new BIG sunglasses too!

sidenote: I now LOVE "Wonka" sunglasses!

SO embarassing, but what can I say, I LOVE me some BritBrit!
AND so does my mini me! :)

A few more red lights (with no more performances) and we arrived at Target!

Which was a successful shopping trip, I finally used a coupon,
& received 5 more coupns that I'll most likely be using- WooHoo!
And not to mention, I saved on a few items too, & picked up another one of their pizza's because they had texted me a coupon for it ($1 off)
I must say, I felt pretty high-tech at the check out pulling it up on my phone
& having her scan it off of it! I'm usually a not so tech-savy-kind of girl,
so this made me feel a little bit more tech-savy and hip! HA :)

sidenote: Why is it whenever it's a small shopping spree they give you more coupons, & when you buy just about everything in the store you only get a couple coupons?!
(has anyone else noticed this too?)

                                     Just call me Miss Coupon Queen! HA

On our way back home, at the same intersection light where our performance happened, I noticed a fire truck on the side of the road, and then saw firefighters...
they were out collecting money... I start looking for any money... I hardly ever have actual cash on me these days, I'm strictly a debit-card girl-
SO, of course, I come up with nada... just change... but hey, change is better than nothing and every penny helps, right? Well I hope so, because I literally gave the firefighter 4 pennies and a dime... pathetic, I know- but any change I ever have I give to Miss Priss for her piggy banks (she LOVES "feeding" her piggies)

I VOW, to donate more in the future, promise firefighters!

But the very nice, and very cute too, firefighter smiled and still gave me a sticker! :)

HOPE everyone's Saturday was a blessed one,
with no embarrassment! :)
(or if it was, feel free to share!)


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