Sunday, March 25, 2012

just call me Martha Stewart

Miss Martha Stewart, if you're PC!

Me & Miss Priss made Gaga birthday presents this year...
 Miss Priss' is SO much better than mine,
because it's very personal
something that Gaga can keep forever!

And mine is just a frou-frou night-time necessity!
(or, at least, I think it is)

{pretties for Gaga}

{Miss Priss gift- her handprints "My Hands" with a little poem}
{My gift- a frou-frou sleeping mask with some bling, bows, sequins, & a feather}

along with a "Girls Day" with Gaga, complete with a stop to our favorite coffee shop
(STARBUCKS) and whatever else Gaga fancies!

(post with pictures to follow)


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