Friday, March 30, 2012


are you an INFLUENSTER?

not sure if you are or aren't? Or not sure if you know exactly what that is?!
if you like trying new products and are always up on the new trends, & share your fab finds with family & friends then you are in fact an "influenster"!

And good news, there's this site that is especially designed for us influensters...

where you register and unlock these little "badges", which is a questionaire/survey!
(think Girl Scouts)
There's many badges to pick from, some won't be a good match- like for me, the "outdoorsy" badge just isn't the best one for me! ha :)

the more badges you collect, the better chance you have at obtaining a spot to get a "VoxBox" sent to you!
-VoxBox: a box full of products for you to try out and rate.
(they do themes for them)

and the best part, it's all FREE! :)

I got an email notification letting me know that I had been chosen for their
 "LOVE VoxBox" and weeks later, I received it!
I must admit, I was like a little kid on Christmas morning when mine arrived!

I'll be posting about my experience with my first VB later!
(along with my feedback of all the products!)


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