Saturday, March 24, 2012


MIA ... no wait... MIB!
(Missing in BLOGGING)

SORRY for being disappearing, yet again!

Sometimes it's hard to blog, and other times I just simply forget to!
(I blame it on my 'Mommy Brain' syndrome!)


here's a few things that my Prissy Pants & I have been up to lately...

{life lately, according to my iphone pictures...}

{Prissy Pants having a Picnic}

                                                           {tea time}


I'm SO obessed & in LOVE with this tea!
(Lemon Ginger by Stash tea)

{sleeping while shopping}
(in a shopping cart)

{watching A LOT of 'The Cat in the Hat'}
(& when I say A LOT, I mean it's on SO much it's basically on REPEAT)

{making messes...}

{vacay wardrobe}
{selecting & styling pieces for upcoming vacay!)

{having a 'Mommy Moment'}
(this is what being sleep-deprived can do to you)

{pinning on Pinterest}
(it's an obsession, can you tell?!)

{bear love}

{pizza night}

{ice cream love}


{putting my "Mommy's Sippy Cup" to use!}

{carbs & wine}

{a nutella-filled breakfast}

(sometimes girls just need chocolate, even in the AM!)  :)

{robe love}

(Prissy Pants received this 'Disney Princess' robe from her Auntie JennJenn-
and she was OBSESSED & in LOVE
and wanted to put it on right away and wore it for a good 30-45 minutes) 
She looked like a little girly boxer! ha

{cookie love}

Miss Priss, in nothing but her Princess PullUps
 covered in chocolate from the chocolate chip cookies we made!

{selecting a movie in STYLE}

Miss Priss rockin' a bow, a pajama top (with no pants) and my lil LV purse!
Just another picture of proof she's my mini me! :)

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