Tuesday, February 8, 2011

fit for a PRINCESS! ♥

We are just 4 days away from Miss Priss' party
it has occurred to me that I haven't shared anything
not the theme, no "sneak peaks".... nada!
{{Sorry for being like the kid with the "cool" toy who doesn't wanna share!}}

the Theme:


{{the Princess Ball}}
{{with lots and lots of PINK, feathers, rhinestones & pearls}}

PINK, White, & Silver!

complete with...

*a candy KANDY bar
{{Kenley's Kandy Bar}}
*a Wish Tree
{{best wishes from us for her}}
*pictures of my little prissy pants 
{{from 1 to 12 months}}

and of course CAKE!

I'll take some pictures today of all the decor I'm working on 
share them tomorrow!


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