Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TO DO List Tuesday

Things TO DO on my List for Today...

*Call Kenley's Pediatrician's office & double check to see what time her appointment is for today
{{since she tore/ate her schedule card that was in my planner}}
{{maybe it was just her way of saying "I don't want to go!"}}

*Go through all of her Birthday & party pictures
post them up!

*Organize all of her Birthday presents:
{{some of those toys I have no idea where they are going to go!}}
{{her closet is already pretty FULL- but never a real problem for a girl!}}

{{I still have the candy Kandy Bar up and the other tables too!}}
{{BUT I did use the 'Kandy Bar' set up for yesterday's Valentine treats too!}}

*Go to the dreaded appointment for her shots! :-/
{{I HATE these... & so does she!}}
{{she starts crying once we get into that little room & I undress her!}}

BUT on the plus side-
I'll know all of her 12 month stats!
how much she weighs!

{{will post up later!}}


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