Tuesday, February 15, 2011

pictures {{part II}}

{{the PRESENTS}}

{{baby bassinet}}

{{baby stroller}}

Sitting in her little Princess chair
{{which didn't last long}}

{{taking out the tissue paper... }}

{{ & throwing it!}}

{{a Princess Tea Set}}

{{a Princess Purse}}

{{LOVING her purse!}}

{{a mini chandelier night light}}

{{another PURSE!}}

{{a mini blanket with attached Princess bear}}

{{which she just LOVED!}}


{{'My Pretty Pink Counting Purse' book}}

{{a TUTU skirt}}

{{girly shoe socks}}


Her two BIG presents
{{a Princess Ball Pit & a Palace Tent}}

{{testing out her Princess ball pit with Momma!}}

{{mini  Palace tent}}

{{the CLOTHES}}

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