Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Her Royal  Highness Requests Your Presence …

Come ONE Come All
to the
Princess Ball!

{{pictures from the Princess party!}}

{{part I - the decor}}

Kenley's initials
on the front door

the cake cakes table

{{the main cake & the "smash" cake" #1}}

the CAKES!

{{all three of them!}}

{{the cake on the right was suppose to be smaller... A LOT smaller!}}
{{& I was going to use it as her "smash cake"}}

{{Happy Birthday banner}}
in pink & silver
 {{the silver looks like a dark gray in the pictures}}

{{Birthday Wish Tree}}

Sweet Birthday Wishes for Kenley
{{wrote out on cards & then hung up with clip crowns up onto the branches}}

 {{crystals, mini chandeliers, marabou, & roses... oh my!}}

the Candy  Bar
Kenley's Kandy Bar

{{Kenley's KANDY Bar}}

{{pink marshmallows & pink strawberry malt balls}}

{{pink cotton candy, pink wafer cookies,
& pink and white icing animal crackers}}

                                                                {{pink strawberry cake pops}}

what was Kenley's favorite Sweets at her Kandy Bar... ?


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