Monday, February 21, 2011

NOT Me Monday

*I did not stay up way past my bedtime last night to watch, "The Real Housewives of ATL" Reunion part 2, and am now having a hard time being awake and function, NO, not me!

*I did not put off going grocery shopping this weekend and save it for today, NO, not me!
{{along with... making appointments for Kenley for her 12 month check up and photo shoot}}

*I did not just finally cut into Kenley's birthday cake, NO, not me!

*I am not super excited to watch PLL's {{Pretty Little Liars}} tonight 
the Lifetime movie about Amanda Knox
{{Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy}}

anyone else going to be watching this movie too?

here's to a fabulous Monday!
a good movie-filled night!


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