Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's TO DO List


there is SO much on my "To Do" list this week!
MOST of it for Kenley's BIRTHDAY!
I have so much to do that even my to do lists have to do lists!
It is pure craziness around here!

MY LIFE currently...

*cleaning up after my little messy girl
((she just LOVES to get into EVERYTHING))
*getting things ready for her party
 {which consists of...}
*painting frames ((12 + frames))
which apparently ALL take at least 2 to 3 coatings EACH!
*adding feathers, bows, & bling to things so everything has that "frou frou" look!
((oh & making the bows))
* finding and buying all PINK candy & desserts
*making numerous trips to my local Michaels store
((they should know me by name now))

LIST of Things ((still left)) TO DO:
*make a "one" outfit
*make headbands for her outfits
((+ 2 for 2 little other Princess'))
*Pick out and Print out pictures for frames
*Paint branches for "wish tree"
*make hanging tags for wish tree
*Get outfits ready for photo shoot this weekend
*make a birthday hat

OH and just add BAKER to that list too!
((long story, but looks like I've got to figure out fondant))

I KNOW I'm forgetting A LOT of things... 
but that's what all I can think of for now!

Is your day seeming better now?!  :)

HOPE everyone is having a less stressful Tuesday than me!



HAPPY February!


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