Monday, February 28, 2011

Not Me Monday

{{confession session}}

*I have not been in my comfy sweatpants since the weekend, and today... No, not me!
{{can I use my girl card for this?}}
*I am not so very excited for PLL's {{Pretty Little Liars}} tonight... No, not me!
{{I know I say this every Monday, but I can't help it- I just LOVE that show}}
*I am not in the least bit ecstatic to hear who will be on the new Season of DWTS 
{{Dancing With The Stars}} tonight... No, not me!
*I am not seriously considering ordering pizza, again, for dinner tonight
{{so I won't have to cook!}}... No, not me!
*I did not make and finish 5 coffee drinks today... No, not me!
*I have no let my child stay in her pj's for the last 2 days... No, not me!
that's it... & that's all!

oh except for this... since this is "confession session" and all, 
I might as well include my "blonde moment"
I had over the weekend...

I was so excited that a friend shared a special promo code to get a large Papa Johns pizza for 50% off!
So I quickly decided that pizza sounded perfect for dinner!
{{I'll post pictures of Kenley eating her first slice of pizza, b/c of course I took some!}} 
I chose a pizza online and entered the promo code, {{MAGICWIN}}, Thank You Magic!
And paid for it- so all I had to do was wait for a confirmation email telling me when to pick it up.
Which I got minutes later, and wrote down the order number {{just in case I needed it- I'm a nerd like this}}
and also wrote down the store number... not sure why, but I did!
As I'm going to walk in to pick it up, 
I notice that there's a different number above the door than the one I wrote down.
{{OH CRAP!}}
So I remember maybe there being another Papa Johns down the road, so I leave and go and see.
So I had to go back, and of course I hit every red light on the way back!
{{so my luck}}

Oh well, at least I know there is only ONE now!

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