Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's ♥

{{the morning of V-day}}

{{Valentine Presents for my Prissy Pants}}

*BEFORE she woke up

{{Close Ups...}}

 It doesn't really feel like Valentine's without these little heart candies!
Thankfully they now make FABULOUS ones!



do you notice a theme? ha
I didn't orginally intend to do a "Hello Kitty" theme, it just kind of happened! 


NOW for the good part- Prisy Pants seeing it all...

*the first few pictures are a bit blurred and hazy- apparently I didn't have it on the correct setting!

and a few more pictures...
the quality of these aren't as bad as the above ones, thankfully!

trying on her heart-shaped sunglasses!

goes straight for the CANDY!
(Hello Kitty Pez)

SO much HK stuff, she was double-fistin'!

trying on her pink sparkly shades

found these in the party store, and couldn't resist!

another PINK TUTU swimsuit and Minnie Mouse lip balm!

HOPE everyone is having a fabulous Valentine's Day!

Tonight me and Prissy Pants are going to keep celebrating with having

I'll take pictures and post tomorrow!

Happy LOVE Day!

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