Thursday, February 23, 2012

trip to DISNEY {{part I day one}}

Our "photographer" (Nonna) didn't really get a chance to take any "pretty pictures"
of us posing in front of any of them infamous things at Disney.
We arrived later that evening after having a special late lunch for Prissy Pants-
and ended up arriving at our hotel later than we had planned- which pushed us back for Disney!

(but we did MUCH better on our second trip the next day)

 (excuse the strangers arm- posing in front of the merry-go-round- one of Miss Priss' favorites)
(or well it was- second trip, this ride wasn't as adored)

{{waiting in line & getting excited!}}

{{looking down below... trying to see how it was moving!}}

{{looking in the mirror... haha YUP, she's a girly girl!}}

{{still trying to figure out how this lil horsie is moving!}}

{{on the "Snow White" ride...}}
didn't get many in here- it moves a lot and is very very dark!
In line for "It's a Small World"...

{{reading her name on her birthday button Disney gave her}}

{{LOVING it!}}

{{pointing at the Elephant...}}


{{noticed that the castle was PINK, so had to take a picture before it changed colors!}}
{{taking a break in her "royal coach" as we ordered food}}

{{with her BFF Cinderella}} :)

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