Thursday, February 23, 2012

trip to DISNEY {{part IV day two}}

{{parade pictures}}

After the Bear's "concert"- ha! :)
It was time for the afternoon parade- so we found a spot and waited...

and Gaga took pictures...

I put down some padded mats...
(diaper changing pads- I found/made a new use for them!)

and she had snack time (goldfish & milk) in ROCKSTAR style...

{{my little ROCKSTAR, with a BIG flower headband and mouse ears!}}

She then thought it was HILARIOUS to play with the rope, they had in place for the parade,
roping off where you need to be behind....

Being the MOMMY, I asked her to come back and sit down, and I got this face...

with her arms crossed and all!
she's SO my mini me! :)

I couldn't help but laugh... this is her newest face she makes (& pose)
when I ask her to either do something or not do something!

the parade...
{{Celebrate A Dream Come True Parade}}

{{Chip or Dale... not sure which one... ha ... I'm a bad Disney Fan}}

{{"Jessie" from "Toy Story"}}

{{Minnie Mouse & Mickey Mouse}}

{{float with: "Jiminy Cricket", "Pinocchio", & "Snow White" and "The Prince" or "Snow Prince"}}

{{float with: the stork & "Dumbo", "Aladdin", & the "Genie" and on the back: Marry Poppins & Bert}}

{{Marry Poppins & Bert}}
{{float with: "Peter Pan" & "Wendy", "Alice" & "The Mad Hatter"}}
{{the mice: Suzy & Perla from CINDERELLA}}

Of course, we would attract the attention (because of her Birthday Pin)
 of one of the wicked stepsisters of Cinderella! haha
 But at least it was the nicer of the two and the one in HOT PINK! :)
Kenley refused to give her a "high five"... I was a bit embarassed, but told Anastasia-
Sorry, but we are huge Cinderella fans!

{{the Fairy Godmother}}

{{Cinderella & Prince Charming}}

{{float with: "Belle" and the "Beast", "Ariel" and "Prince Eric"}}

                                                                 {{the Beast}}
                                            Kenley waved to him and even blew him kisses!


Now pictures of Gaga's attempts to get a picture of me and Prissy Pants
(which was an epic FAIL X's 3!)

 if her eyes weren't closed and if I would've been looking at Gaga instead of Miss Priss!

ohh, SO close!
if only she was looking at Gaga, ohh well, I'll take it! :)

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