Thursday, February 23, 2012

trip to DISNEY {{part V day two}}

waiting to get in to watch "Mickey's PhilarMagic"...

putting the FABULOUS dark yellow 3-D glasses on Miss Priss...

or trying to...

ON! & ready to watch MICKEY!

NOT pictured, but just wanted to add a little story, beacuse I don't want to forget it...
it was a "3-D" short film, and during one scene with Ariel, there were all these jewels that came at us and were floating, and my little Prissy Pants was reaching out for them! :)
it was the cutest little thing, and I knew for sure the fab lil glasses were indeed working for her!
And I was a bit proud too, because she for sure is a girly girl, reaching out for the jewels!

Back to the RIDES...
waiting in line for the Carrousel!
(Prince Charming Regal Carrousel)

this time around, we did NOT love the horsie's!

I think this picture captures that...

SO off we got!

Right across from the horsie's was a little shop- which was the perfect little break we needed!


Something apparently really caught my eye- although I don't remember what,
because I didn't purchase any clothing for her from there that day! ha

"Smile&Pose for Nonna"
but she was too busy checking out all the Princess things!

 "Mirror, Mirror..."

as we walked out, we had a perfect view of the castle...
(because it's right there)

"La Fontaine de Cendrillon"
{{Cinderella Fountain}}

We, of course, HAD to get a picture in front of it...
(however, getting a good one, not so much!)

(attempt #1- Nonna cut part of me out, and I was getting Prissy Pants jacket situated)

(attempt #2- someone's not looking at Nonna)

(attempt #3- again, Nonna cut part of me out and someone, again, isn't looking at Nonna!)

Next, was off to ride the TEA CUPS!

Miss Alice!

{{Mad Tea Party}}

***sidenote- SO can NOT wait to throw Prissy Pants a "Mad Tea Party"!
I just hope she continues to LOVE Alice in Wonderland until then!

waiting in line...

getting excited...

Asking her which color teacup she wanted...
pointing out to the one she wanted to spin in!

getting even MORE excited...

Nonna noticed that on the giant kettle, it looked like it had a "2" on it...
so she tried to get a picture of us and it in the background...
I use the word "tried" on purpose! :)

patiently waiting...

getting ready...

posing for Nonna...

LOVIN' it!

she LOVED the spinning and twirling around & around!

showing her how to turn the wheel...

*ONE of my FAVORITE pictures! (of many)

turning it, round and round!

giving Mommy a hug... priceless! :)

Caught the "Dream Along With Mickey" show...
(as we were planning on leaving for the day)

making sure I kept my little bundle of love all bundled up!

(it began getting cooler around this time of the day)

  posing with Minnie Mouse, & Prissy Pants is saying "Cheeeeeeeese"

posing with Mickey Mouse!

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