Thursday, February 23, 2012

trip to DISNEY {{part II day two}}

day two of photo's...

{{getting ready for Disney, & brunch}}

Miss Priss trying to figure out what to wear ... tossing everything out of her luggage and sitting in it! :)

she decided she wanted to go like this...

... at least her shoes and purse match... not too bad!
(& her pajama top does have Minnie Mouse on it)

                                                                  her shoes on the wrong feet! ha

before leaving for Disney- we got breakfast first at our hotel-
we should of planned better, because we missed the character breakfast! :(
BUT Kenley did get to see the two characters- Goofy and Pluto.

  ***first picture- taken right after she had a not-so-sweet strawberry
second- opting for and eating a raspberry instead!
third- spotting Pluto!

and then at the end ... our very sweet server brought out a special surprise for Prissy Pants!
{LOVE the staff at The Swan hotel!}

{{reaching for Mommy- she gets a little shy & embarrassed easily}}

{{LOVE the hand-written chocolate- it was so pretty!}}
(minus the mispelling! ha oh well, close enough!) :)

{{looking at the CHOCOLATE!}}

{{Prissy Pants going for her cupcake, & I'm checking the time to make sure we are still on "schedule"}}
(a very fitting, typical & hilarious picture to me!)  :)

Posing Pictures... with her new BFF- Natalia ...

{{having "Girl Talk"}}

{{blowing her kisses bye}}

Posing Pictures by the "Swans" fountain...

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