Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Girls Night

last night we had a "GIRLS NIGHT MOVIE NIGHT"
(none for Prissy Pants)
lots & lots of SWEETS!
it was SO much fun and Prissy Pants LOVED it!
Me & Gaga watched "Something Borrowed",

and then she also picked up the SJP movie "I Don't Know How She Does It", & "Friends with Benefits"

annnd while we were watching our first movie-
I let Miss Priss pick one of hers & let her watch it on the laptop-
 so everyone was happy!
she chose one of her 'Stawberry Shortcake' movies... "The Glimmerberry Ball Movie"

okay now for the pictures...

Kenley's Valentine CANDY

{{a "Princess"- light up heart-shaped lollipop}}

   {Kenley's Valentine mailbox}

bows, bling, and tulle!

*picture taken before I put all the CANDY out


 {heart-shaped white (vanilla) & pink (strawberry) marshmallows}

(Yes, I suggested we put cotton candy in our champagne & it was yummy and turned it PINK!)

I brought out our comfy HOT PINK comforter and made a comfy little area for Miss Priss, with a lot of pillows and her new little sleeping bag too-
she absolutely LOVED it!
I used to do this when she was younger, to play on, & I might have to start doing it more for our 'Movie Nights', because it was a big success!

HOPE everyone had a SWEET V-day!

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