Wednesday, July 10, 2013


A special little SURPRISE for Prissy Pants!

I took advantage of Disney's "Twice Upon A Year" SALE, and got her a few things!

I apparently waited too long to shop, because everything I really wanted to get her was either already sold out or not available in her size-
 NOTE to SELF for the next one- shop right away!
But, nonetheless I still managed to find a few cute things for her!

A little Snow White doll, Rapunzel and adorable little princess flip flops!

Prissy Pants peeking in... 


Princesses love to swirl!

Summer Shoes!

Mommy Love! 

She told me, "Thank You Mommy, I love them so so much!"

And it's these little moments that I LOVE, and where she totally makes my heart melt!

HAPPY Wednesday! 


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