Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fun...

with Poppa!

A trip to Target, Starbucks, & Lowes...

Prissy Pants and I got the chance to spend a few hours with her Poppa today, we took him to Target 
(I needed to pick up an organizer thingie for Prissy Pants toys that was on sale),
after we picked up the last one (score!) we, of course,
 had to make a visit to Starbucks when we were done!

And then Poppa took us to Lowes... 
which is pretty much his "happy place" as Target is ours I learned!

Prissy Pants and I were definitely out of our element, but I was surprised at how much PINK they had... pink tools, pink keys, pink tape, pink flashlights, etc.
We even found her a Princess nightlight! And they had Wifi, so I was happy!

Our Tarjay finds...

I've been meaning to get this cute little organizer for Prissy Pants for a while now
& luckily it went on sale & we managed to grabbed the last one!

& thankfully we had Poppa's help to put this thing together, I can normally put things together,
  but this little thing was a bit tricky at first,
 & I was happy to have his assistance... & Miss Priss helped too! :)

So now hopefully Prissy Pants' toys can be a bit more organized now!
(we shall see! ha)

We always have to stop and browse her clothing,
especially whenever they're having sales, which they were!
 SO Prissy Pants scored a few cute pieces...

originally $15.00, but got it for only $4.50!

Cute little white dress with lace, & a lime green/yellow lace bow!
It's really cute, and I got the smallest size they had (24 months),
but it'll take Miss Petite Pants a bit to be able to fit into it!

originally $14.00, but got it for only $4.20!

She has another one just like this, but it's orange and pink, so I couldn't resist when I saw it again but in a antique white/french vanilla color! I absolutely LOVE the tulle bow!
And again, I got it in the smallest size (18 months),
because my Prissy Pants is on the petite side!

And lastly...

originally $7.00, but got it for only $2.10!

A cute and casual little hot pink shirt with cute sleeves and cute neck detailing!
(12 months)

After scoring some serious shopping deals in her department,
 we then had to pick up some band-aids and Neosporin ...
because it seems my girl is boo-boo-proned!
She's even picked up a couple of new nickname's...
"Boo-Boo Queen" &  "Band-aid Queen"
getting cute band-aids probably won't help this case, she goes through SO many!
 (I find them everywhere on her, her babies, furniture...)
SO I'm going to have to keep these out of her reach, or just buy stock in them!

AND then when we were done with our mini shopping spree, but on our way out we had to head over to Starbucks for some iced treats and a pretty pink cake pop too!

Prissy Pants stuck with her favorite... Double Chocolaty Chip frapp...

And I, decided to be a bit adventurous and opted for something new...

Cookie Crumble Frapp

This is a HUGE deal for me, I hardly ever try anything new!

BUT, I must say... I still LOVE my Java Chip and will continue ordering it! :)

The CC frapp was okay, but it did not compare to my favorite!

After we left Target/Starbucks, Poppa had to make a trip to his "happy place"! ha
LOWES, and I believe this was mine and Miss Priss' first time... ever!
SO, I of course, took a few pictures to document... duh! :)

I have to say, I was pleasantly pleased with this place!
(It's no Tarjay, but I wouldn't mind going back if needed!)

Prissy Pants was good, she had her iced "coffee" drink  and a cake pop!

But, towards the end, she was getting a bit bored...
(Sorry Pops, Tarjay is just this girls happy place)

She did perk up when we let her pick out a paint color for a little project Poppa is making for her!

She's pretty obsessed with purple still, so I wasn't surprised when she picked a purple shade...

We had a fun little Friday out with Poppa,
and we got to be a bit adventurous and step and shop into a new place we've never been before!

Happy Friday!


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