Friday, July 19, 2013

Sicky Icky's

SORRY for being MIA,
but I'm currently typing this post from bed, sick with a stubborn allergy cold that just won't go away.
It has now spread to my mini, who has caught it now too!
SO we are both having a MOVIE day in bed with lots of juice and SOUP!

HAPPY Friday to US! 
(coded with sarcasm) 

 I wasn't kidding when I said with lots of juice....

we are definitely staying hydrated!

I let Prissy Pants choose what movies, and she chose BARBIE, 
so we are literally having an all Barbie Movies Marathon...

And we are watching them in style, of course, in our comfy cozy slipper boots...

a necessity for sicky's!

AND we are having A LOT of soup too...

Hers is much cuter than mine, fit for a Princess! :)

Hope everyone is having a much better Friday than us!


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