Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Yes, it's true, I've returned!

I took a small little vacay away from blogging, but I'm BACK!

And I have A LOT to blog about, to catch HH's&HB's up!
So I'm a bit thankful that today is ,yet again, another yucky weather day, 
and will take advantage of it to type away as the rain pours down!

I seriously do not remember moving to Seattle, but apparently we have!
No lie, it has rained EVERY DAY, with the exception of maybe two days, for the summer!

I'm hoping the saying is true to hurricane season, the more wet it is the less storms (hurricanes) you'll have, IF this is true we shall have no worries for this hurricane season!

Okay, off blogging away I must go!

Happy Tuesday!


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